Wordcarpenter Book Guide

A Book Guide:

Duflinkë the Dubious Shuttlecock – A rock’n roll novella about badminton: Read here

The Philosophy Rune: A Wordcarpenter Biography – This is the author’s autobiography: Read here

The Handbook of Goosey: A Hellmantle Investigation – A handbook to happiness: Read here

The Hellmantle Testament – An adventure novel about the secret history of Christianity: Read here

Prophecy Seekers – An adventure novella exploring the prophecy of the Pahana: Read here

No More Waiting to Die – A raw, impassioned novel dealing with impending death: Read here

Pierre Radisson: Unsung Hero of the New World – Incredible true story of Canada’s most adventurous explorer: Read here

Earthquake Puppy – A philosophical novella set in the mountains of Taiwan after the 9/21 earthquake of 1999: Read here

The Motorcycle Inn – A love story set on an isolated island involving some eccentric characters: Read here

Choppy Waters – Simple canoe trip that turns into an unexpected ordeal due to mental illness: Read here

PortalLeaks – A fast-paced narrative that delves into the eccentric world of whistleblowers: Read here

Dying Overcome – A non-fiction account of a stem cell transplant from the patient’s view: Read here

Visigoths in Tweed – A coming-to-age novella of a young student at university in the 80s: Read here

Road Sailors – A road-trip adventure of identical twins hell-bent on mischief and mayhem: Read here

The Ripple Effect – A reflective and surprising story that takes place on a 24-hour road trip: Read here

Louis Riel: How I Became an Outlaw – A biography of the Métis leader written from the first-person perspective: Read here

The Viking-Poet Handbook – A philosophical tract outlining a new morality for a new age: Read here

The Leaky Hourglass – A ghost memoir of a whistleblower who changes the world: Read here

All works have copyrights