Book Guide/Rankings

These rankings are the by author – the Wordcarpenter – and are entirely subjective. For example, many readers like Dying Overcome, but for me this work revisits painful memories. For the reader (who did not write it), it is a different experience. Leave a comment and over time we can see which books prove to be the readers’ favourites.

A Book Guide: (Rankings)

  1. The Hellmantle Testament – The definitive Wordcarpenter novel and favourite of the author
  2. Prophecy Seekers – Ambitious, unique and original, this novella stands the test of time
  3. No More Waiting to Die – Raw, passionate and written like the writer was dying; unforgettable
  4. Pierre Radisson: Unsung Hero of the New World – Incredible true life story of a true explorer
  5. Earthquake Puppy – A philosophical novella incorporating an extraordinary setting
  6. The Motorcycle Inn – Funny yet substantial novel based on a unique array of characters
  7. Choppy Waters – Simple canoe trip that turns into an unexpected ordeal due to mental illness
  8. PortalLeaks – A fast-paced narrative that delves into the eccentric world of whistleblowers
  9. Dying Overcome – A very readable journey into a stem cell transplant from the patient’s view
  10. Visigoths in Tweed – A coming-to-age novella of a young student at university in the 80s
  11. Road Sailors – A road-trip adventure of identical twins hell-bent on mischief and mayhem
  12. The Ripple Effect – A reflective and surprising story that takes place all within 24 hours
  13. Louis Riel: How I Became an Outlaw – A biography written in the first-person, historical
  14. The Viking-Poet Handbook – A philosophical tract outlining a new morality for a new age
  15. The Leaky Hourglass – A ghost memoir of a whistleblower who changes the world

Please expect several new books to be uploaded during 2023.