About Wordcarpenter

This website is a non-profit center for readers. All the novels and novellas available here were written by the author known as Wordcarpenter.

All the books on this website are free.

There are currently 18 original stories available to readers to enjoy without the need to download any files. Some of the stories include pictures and illustrations, and some are non-fiction and some are fictional biographies, but all of them are written by one man: Wordcarpenter.

All works are laid out here on the website for easy reading. Anyone can read these books on their mobile phone as well.

Currently there are over 2000 pages of writing available to read, or over two million words here on this website!

All works have copyright. All works have ISBN# and are available for purchase at Smashwords.com

And most of these works can be found at e-libraries across the English-speaking world.

Those at Wordcarpenter Publishing will continue to upgrade this website over time and add more works, whether it be adventure novels, non-fiction or biographical novels. Audiobooks of these books will be coming in the years to come.

Wordcarpenter Books hope every reader will be inspired by these stories. That is what reading is all about. Enjoy.