The Handbook of Goosey: A Hellmantle Investigation

Overview: This is a philosophical investigation of the word goosey, what it means, how to achieve gooseyness in one’s life and how to master the goosey. This work was created by Roland Hellmantle, a character from the Wordcarpenter Books published on this site. The actual handbook was presented based on Hellmantle’s journal notes. Regardless, every reader who reads this short 20,000-word work will leave with something: perhaps a nugget of wisdom that will enable them to have more happiness in their lives. Read on and enjoy this handbook of goosey.

“Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.” – Aristotle

“The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thought.”  – Marcus Aurelius


This handbook is dedicated to Peter Burgess,

whose unwavering dedication to goosey inspired this work.



  1. What is Goosey?
  2. How to Get Goosey
  3. How to Maintain Goosey
  4. The Good in Goosey
  5. More about the Good in Goosey
  6. The Altruism of Goosey
  7. The Intricacies of Goosey
  8. The Applause of Goosey
  9. Things that Make you Goosey
  10. The Dark Side of Goosey
  11. Goosey and the Importance of Gratitude
  12. The Rodeo of Goosey
  13. God and Goosey
  14. Obstacles to Goosey
  15. Motorbike Goosey
  16. Taming the Goosey
  17. Pinnacle Goosey
  18. Hellmantle’s Thoughts about Goosey
  19. Final Mullings about Goosey
  20. Conclusion


“Happiness depends on ourselves.” – Aristotle

It was during the infamous Drought of 2023 that our account takes place. It was a summer of overbearing heat, forest fires and smoky air – the likes the world had never seen before. Countless million of hectares of dried woodlands went up in flames that spewed fine particulate matter into the air that spread around the globe so that every single person breathed in the fine ash. Even those who had chosen to live in healthy rural climes were forced to breathe in the lung-destroying ash much to their detriment. Only those who knew the severity of the damage it caused chose to endure the indoors life required to survive that summer.

And one of these individuals was Hellmantle.

Hellmantle was a man with a medical history, so he was fervent in his avoidance of the dirty air, taking extreme measures to avoid the choking aspect of the particulate matter that was all around him. He forced himself to stop his outdoor activities by curtailing his beer drinking with friends on the summer patio and drastically cutting down his time riding his ATV. He even found himself locking himself indoors during the most beautiful summer days. It went against everything he stood for, yet he persevered. And he was fortunate to have implemented such a rigorous regimen because many of his co-workers ignored the smoky air and soon suffered because of it.

He warned them about the air, but they just thought it was a minor thing, soon developing a cough and then suffering lung infections. The hospitals were overflowing and some even were closed due to the overcrowding and shortage of medical personnel, caused not by the forest fires but by the vaccines that had been given out for free by all the governments of the world for the virus that cannot be named. This one action resulted in countless billions of peoples suffering horrific and deadly side effects that still today, three years later, are still being counted. Hellmantle, with his skeptical mind, had at the last minute avoided the deadly jab and had escaped the non-stop pains it had caused his friends and family.

Seeing what had unfolded over the years since the worldwide pandemic, he had developed a healthy distrust for authority anywhere and everywhere, even in his home country of Canada. Even now, with the woodland fires spreading so quickly and comprehensively, he didn’t believe the mainstream narrative that these were the result of lightning strikes. In what world could this be possible? Forest fires had increased twelvefold year-on-year, an impossibility that even the most liberal and open-minded statistician doubted. No, these fires were started deliberately. Why? Simple: to put climate change on the political agenda.

In the coming years governments all over the world, and entities such as the UN and the World Economic Forum, will be putting serious restrictions on consumption levels and new rules concerning everything and anything that has an environmental impact. This will include limits on how many miles one can drive, what one can consume, and all sorts of new laws designed to repress the freedom of the individual. In this utopian nightmare, Hellmantle foresaw a future bleak as a rainy Vancouver afternoon. Many of his friends and family thought he was exaggerating but he was convinced the future, with its much-decreased population, would suffer under the leadership of tyrants that were prepared to burn down the world’s forests to make their point and secure their power.

Hellmantle tried his best to enjoy his surroundings as everything around him seemed to crash, trying his best to find the silver lining in his world. He had had an unusual educational background, choosing to studying philosophy at university instead of political science or commerce as many of his friends had. He had been drawn towards the greatest minds who had ever lived and sought their wisdom during the turbulent times of his early twenties when he was trying his best to find his way in the world. It was the eighties – a time of infinite hope and high disposable income, and a time shadowed by the threat of the USSR and the Cold War. But that ended and the world opened to a rosy future where anything was possible. There were moments back then when he felt that glimmer of infinite possibility. The times when he dreamed, he believed he could do anything. He was young, smart, healthy and quick-witted, equipped with all the ingredients for success. Ultimately, he chose not to follow the majority of his friends into a life of white picket fence domesticity and routine, choosing instead to live overseas and travel widely, even writing down his exploits in a novel or two. He was a doer and observer, a good combo for someone who wanted to write. And as such he witnessed the slow death of the American dream.

And he witnessed this story of destruction and decomposition as it happened, right in front of everyone, yet so few were able to see it. Over time he became more and more isolated, with many friends not seeing what he could see. And this culminated during the pandemic when he warned his closest friends not to roll up their sleeves to get the jab, but they did anyway, many of them choosing to trust the medical authorities, and many rebelling against being unable to travel. Many could not cope with the loss of freedom that was a harsh new reality for more than two years. The cost was their health.

And soon their lives.

So, in this context, with his best friends dying slowly all around him, and the world’s environment being destroyed by those who were behind the man-made pandemic, he flirted with depression for the first time in his life. He fought against this new, unknown foe. And as he battled this deep, unyielding grayness, he realized that he could fight to overcome the odds and to find a sweet spot in his life where he could live safely and survive this strange period in world history. He chose to write his way through his depression. And with this background of a world on fire, Hellmantle’s struggle to find his goosey is the topic of this handbook.

And be warned: the reading of these words could change the way you choose to live your life.

Chapter One

What is Goosey?

“Happiness is man’s greatest aim in life. Tranquility and rationality are the cornerstones of happiness.” – Epicurus

What is Goosey? Happiness? No, more than that. The feeling of hope? No, more than this. Is it something more profound, perhaps closer to eudaimonia that the Greek philosophers debated 2500 years ago. Yes, it is closer to this long, strange Greek word.  A glance of the dictionary states eudaimonia means ‘a good attendant or indwelling spirit, lucky, happy… daimon = spirit; Well-being, happiness. Aristotelianism: A life of activity governed by reason.’ The word was first introduced by his first-year university philosophy professor, who took great glee in explaining the word for an entire 90-minute class. Hellmantle came to know that Plato spent a lot of time discussing the purpose of life. He believed that living the good life was the purpose of living a meaningful life. Life wasn’t to be lived to be happy only, or to only feel pleasure. Nor was life all about the avoidance of pain. And life was surely not all about pursuing greed. No, life was more nuanced and sophisticated than these simple assertions.

When Hellmantle was a young philosophy student, he took a keen interest in this central question, as he himself was trying to figure out what his purpose in life was. He took particular care in his readings not for marks but to learn for himself. At the time in the late eighties when all his friends were partying and dreaming of being rich and buying yachts and whatnot, Hellmantle was busy burying himself in his required readings for his philosophy courses, one of which was Greek Philosophy. He didn’t have any problems with the questions being asked or the subjects being discussed because to him they lay at the very core of every and all philosophical discussion.

What boggled his mind was that there were so many deviating beliefs and answers to this fundamental question. What is the good life? What is the purpose of life? How does one live a good life? Only later, when he was to read Victor Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning would this discussion take on a more serious and even sinister aspect, but here, in Viktor Frankl’s book he came to a very basic question: What is that one thing you would die for? What is that one thing you want to do above everything else when faced with death? It is a rather sobering question and one that truly whittles down things to their essentials. For Hellmantle, it helped him discover that he wanted to write, travel and be a novelist. But still, did this mean he would write and be unhappy? Couldn’t he write and be happy despite the challenges and pitfalls of being a starving artist? This question was a challenge for him, and one he chose not to let go of. Even in his suffering that he was sure would come, if he was going to become a novelist, why couldn’t he find something akin to happiness or flourishment? And it was here that he discovered the importance and essential need for goosey.

The word ‘goosey’ comes from ‘goose bumps’ – that particular sensation when one gets goose bumps from some external stimuli. When one points at their arm and says: ‘Look, goose bumps!’ They are pointing to the manifestation of the word ‘goosey.’ Goosey is the glee and joy felt while living. It is the internal simmering of hope and love stirring within one’s heart while in the act of living. Some might say it sounds very similar to love. Well, it is. But it is not love. One can feel goosey when not in love. It is safe to say goosey is the cousin of love. As children we often experience the goosey when, for example, looking forward to an event to take place the next day. It is that excitement of hope and optimism that keeps us up at night. It is fair to say that kids experience goosey much more than the modern adult because somewhere along the line adults lose their inclination to nurture their goosey, mainly due to adult pressures and responsibilities. It has always been that way, but is that true with monks who pray to God all day and nurture their goosey – that love and purity and devotion to the Creator?

The problem with goosey is that it is fleeting. It is difficult to keep and manage. It is like trying to hold water in your cupped hand. Hellmantle’s focus, as he waits out the forest fires all around his house in the country, is to see how the goosey can be nurtured and kept alive throughout the day, week, month and years. It is a philosophical notion to recognize the goosey and to be able to seek and find the goosey, and to keep the goosey because it fuels spiritual flourishment and good health. It is our friend, and it gives our lives meaning. Conversely, a life without goosey is drab, grey and without spice. Goosey is the lifeblood of laughing and the underpinning of true freedom. It is what gives a person pep. Gusto. Moxie.

All human animals know when they experience goosey but most seldom know how to retrieve the goosey when it dissipates and is lost in the flurry of a day’s pressures. It is as if the goosey diminishes when exposed to gravity, but it was Hellmantle’s purpose to discover how to keep gravity at bay and protect and nurture his goosey in the face of adversity. Hellmantle refused to let those evil people behind the bioweapon and forest fires wreck his goosey. They could destroy the world and decimate populations, but they would never take away his goosey because it was his. His goosey was his own creation. It was born from his own experiences and joys and achievements and passions. He refused to let anything – or anyone – take it from him. He deserved his goosey. He had suffered enough pain to know the magical dust that fell from the state of goosey. It was his happy place, and he would fight tooth and nail to keep it.

This is Hellmantle’s story of how he struggled to find his goosey in the smoke and death all around him.

Chapter Two

How to Get Goosey?

“We cannot choose our external circumstances, but we can always choose how we respond to them.” – Epictetus

In Hellmantle’s investigation, the million-dollar question is: How does one get their goosey in play? How does one activate their goosey? Every individual knows goosey. When one is a child, they have their goosey with them constantly when they play, when the explore and when they laugh at the discovery of something new and fascinating. We all have experienced goosey, but where does it disappear to once we get older? This was a conundrum that beguiled Hellmantle. Many try to harness in our goosey when we sense it is near, but so few can capture it and keep it alive, murmuring in our breast. So how does one get their goosey back?

The simple answer here is to simply engineer your life to enhance goosey. This means choose to do things that bring you gooseyness. For Hellmantle this might include pastimes such as motorcycling, mountain biking or simply reading a novel or hiking. By doing something that makes you happy, excited, and hopeful for the future, one can invite goosey into their breast and keep it there as long they can to instill that spiritual nourishment required to keep one young at heart and feeling positive throughout the day. Problems might arise when one does something that brings the goosey but cannot let the goosey in. Therein lies a problem of inner conflict that refuses to open the door to goosey. The individual is fractured and not in tune with their spirit. This is somewhat common among peoples who are unhappy or are depressed or are in conflict. Taking a deep breath, eschewing the inner conflicts and the negativity of passions such as resentment, is the first step to opening the door.

But it is more difficult that simply going out for a ride on your mountain bike. It requires one to create an inner atmosphere that lends itself to welcoming in the goosey. One cannot bring joy and inner glee into themselves if they are riddled by shame, regret or guilt, or anger and resentment. There are steps that need to be taken first in letting go of these negative emotions in order to foster an inner environment that welcomes goosey and allows goosey to stay.

What if you are hurt or sick and cannot endeavour in a hike or go out and ride on your motorbike? Well, some can harness their goosey by sheer mental prowess and power. Close your eyes, think of a past event that was all about goosey – an event that brought you immense gooseyness – and try to let that (faded) goosey into your heart. Once the goosey – a weaker shade of goosey than the original goosey – knocks on the door and is allowed into your heart, then you must feather your goosey with water and sun to let it grow into a force whereby you can feel the goosey. Meditation gets at this. Hellmantle tried to meditate over the years but found it too difficult and time-consuming. But meditation, when done properly, can retrieve past events and feelings and bring the goosey back into your heart whereby you can harness its goodness and feed on its healthy aspects.

Without getting too flakey here, it is possible to retrieve your goosey from contemplation of past goosey events, though, as mentioned, one must eschew and dispose of negative feelings and inner conflicts that will not let your goosey in. This ‘housekeeping’ aspect is necessary both in retrieving goosey, and in allowing goosey to come in when you engage in behaviours that create goosey anew. If you go on a motorbike trip through the mountains or hop on your horse and galloping through the forest, there is goosey all around you, but you cannot harness the goosey if you are miserable. It simply does not – and cannot – work. One must do a preamble and legwork first before endeavouring in getting the goosey to achieve the state of goosey.

It should be noted that each individual has their own way to source goosey. Some might gain their goosey from going out on their boat on the water, or walking their dog along their favourite trail, or even talking on the telephone with their best friend. There are countless ways of making goosey appear. Harnessing it and getting it stuck in you is a skill that is to be explored in this investigation. This is a central aspect of Hellmantle’s life philosophy. But the way to ‘get your goosey’ is really up to the individual. It is up to Hellmantle to identify what that thing is that makes him goosey. It is a combination of what makes you happy, what brings you joy, and that which produces inner glee. Some might get their goosey from feeding the homeless. This is more an altruistic goosey but nonetheless it is a potent form of goosey that gets stuck deep and yields substantial dividends in the short term and long term.

For Hellmantle it is walking his dog, riding his bike and riding his motorcycle. But he has learned there are other, less taxing, things he can do that generates the goosey in his gut, such as gardening while drinking wine.

Behaviours that create goosey don’t have to be superficial like the riding of a bike. They can be religious or altruistic or as basic as baking a cake for someone in need. The act of giving is a primary means of creating goosey and keeping it in your heart. Doing favours for others is also in this vein of creating goosey, as is helping others. But so is cleaning your house, cutting the lawn or planting trees in your yard. These acts are beneficial and positive – requirements for bringing the goosey to life. Everything and anything negative does not bring goosey. In fact, it destroys the goosey.  

Find that which creates your own goosey and foster more of that behaviour to constantly bring sunlight into your heart and let it spill over to others in the form of positive energy. When Hellmantle has it he can see his goosey infecting his friends and co-workers. And it is a thing of magic.

Chapter Three

How to Maintain Goosey?

“The happiness and unhappiness of the rational, social animal depends not on what he feels but on what he does;

just as his virtue and vice consist not in feeling but in doing.“ – Marcus Aurelius


Just as important and just as tricky as ‘how to get goosey?’ is the question: how does one maintain their goosey? Once one creates goosey, from, say, walking their dog off-leash along a beautiful trail under a canopy of trees in the summer sun, and they return to their house and their doggie eats and promptly falls asleep on their doggie bed, you are sitting there alight and on fire with inner glee, pride and calm. That welling up feeling in your gut is goosey. And of course you want to keep it. You want to keep it welling up forever but due to gravity and time, it wanes. One could perhaps make a cuppa tea to try to nurture his goosey a little longer. It should be noted here in the tractatus that a cuppa tea is the most common and effective way to chemically create goosey. That inner tea feeling is the first step to real, substantial goosey. Tea was used by the British to create an empire, so one could say it has some game. But as a first ingredient, it opens the door and invites other sources of goosey to enter the labyrinth of one’s inner being. But the tea can only do so much. Like all things, it wanes over time.

So, what can one do to nurture and keep their goosey going? The simple answer is to repeat more goosey behaviours. But in all practicality, one can only walk their dog so many times in a given day. What about sitting down and reading one’s favourite novel? That will give one some more goosey; it makes one laugh and explore one’s imagination to new realms and enjoy new possibilities, which in turn fosters more goosey within him. But this too wanes. What if he needs to do laundry and chores that takes away from his goosey? What about the things he needs to get done in order to live, such as waking up early and getting himself to the office? How can he nurture and maintain his goosey when engaging in these behaviours?

Hellmantle had flirted with stoic philosophy for a while and he thought that perhaps with a stoic attitude and a disciplined mind he could ignore the negative vibes of some of his daily tasks he had to do, but no matter how hard he tried, he had to invest his concentration in the now and therefore bring himself out of his goosey revelry. And once he had stepped out into this realm of concentration on doing something in the now, he found it very difficult indeed to return to the same level of goosey he had when he had just finished the hike with his doggie. Even if he regained some of that goosey, it was at a much lower level that it was in the aftermath flush of his walk.

Maintaining your goosey is as tricky as it is to find solace in a sunset. The sunset is beautiful and glowing in front of you, but your mind is riddled with negative and distracting things you have done in that day. It takes such a monumental amount of mental strength to regain that goosey, that one might declare it is impossible. Hellmantle was prone to pouring himself a cold beer to retrieve some of his goosey he had had during the day, but it was always only fleeting. A ‘sundowner’ during the sunset worked for only moments, and tended to lead him to many more beers, which at times resulted in him being hungover the next day. And this, more than anything in his life, wrecked his goosey totally. And completely.

So, what did our man Hellmantle find when he began to explore ways of maintaining his goosey? Many philosophers of old pursued this area of thought and came up with solutions that perhaps worked for them but not all. The takeaway is that there is no set way of maintaining one’s goosey all day, all week, all month and all year. Many try to use pills or other drugs to maintain their goosey, but this is a false goosey that inevitably brings destruction and strife.

It never pays to use drugs or alcohol to maintain goosey.

One must seek their own philosophy to find and keep their goosey murmuring inside them by perhaps tricks of the mind, retrieving their goosey by reliving events they lived recently. Like a cow chewing their cud, they can go back and see new aspects of that behaviour that they did and squeeze out more goosey from those events. One can be creative with how they look back over their shoulder and relive their goosey-creating behaviours to snack on that goosey vitamin, and enjoy that goosey that has not yet been fully explored and/or digested.

Even if the event happened 20 years ago, Hellmantle had come up with an ability to chew on that cud and extract some goosey from that event. He often ruminated and mulled over his past exploits and let them come into his psyche to enjoy and take pride in, which generated a raised level of goosey. Some of his exploits were so unreal and such rare achievements that only he and God had witnessed them, and this exclusivity of empiricism enhanced his rehashing of the event and the further extraction of his coveted goosey. It worked for him but required mental strength, rigor and discipline to truly extract the anima of goosey when facing the drab and gray reality of this present situation. It was a knack, and he was proud to have discovered it.

Chapter Four

The Good in Goosey

“A happy life consists in tranquility of the mind.” – Cicero

For many years Hellmantle was an angry young man. He was pissed off at the government’s policy of affirmative action, and he was pissed off his girlfriend cheated on him, and they broke up. And he was angry he didn’t have a home when his mother re-married. So, he took off, left Canada and was angry while living as an anonymous expat overseas. For years he spewed verbal bile at everyone and anyone he met about everything and anything they spoke about, soon exhausting any sense of decorum and completely destroying his strong sense of humour. Eventually he reached a point when venting didn’t quell the hatred and resentment he felt in his heart. He knew he would soon die if he didn’t try to regain his sense of pride, a sense of self-love and a sense of self-respect. But most of all he wanted to feel the goosey he had felt when he was a kid growing up laughing with his identical twin brother. That was his goal. So, he set himself the task of trying to find a way to regain his goosey. And when he really looked at what goosey was, it surprised him.

And it comforted him.

He discovered that at the core of goosey was goodness.

What is good? We all know what good is but when we study the definition of good, we see it come alive and reveal many aspects of what it truly is. Here is the definition of ‘good’ both as an adjective and noun – somewhat cherry-picked for our purposes here:

Good: adj [Middle English, from Old English gōd: akin to Old High German guot good, Old Norse gōthr, Goth goths good, Old Frisian gadia to unite, Old High German bigatōn to fit together, gigat fitting, Sanskrit gadh to hold fast; basic meaning: uniting, fitting] 1 a (1) : having a favourable or auspicious character : PROSPEROUS, BENEFICIAL (2) : conveying or reporting what is favourable or fortunate : WELCOME (3) : producing, marked by, or favourable to a bountiful yield or a yield of high quality : FERTILE.  

Taking a break from this rather long Webster’s definition, Hellmantle could already see the connection and correlation between good and goosey. Goosey is favourable and yields a bounty of high quality. It is a uniting emotion both within the individual and uniting to those around them. It has an auspicious and favourable character to what it is: that infinite reverberation of hope and fortune that permeates throughout the body and mind. It is fundamentally good. And because it is good, it is a uniting force at its core.

To continue with the definition…

(4) : favourably affecting one’s interests : leading to or attended by a favourable or prosperous outcome (5) : marked by or conveying approval or commendation (6) making a favourable impression with respect to moral character : inspiring trust (7) : making a favourable impression with respect to appearance or other physical traits : COMELY, ATTRACTIVE, BEAUTIFUL (8) : BECOMING, APPROPRIATE (9) : reserved for special occasions : not shabby or worn : BEST.

This aspect of good and goosey brings up the correlation between inner beauty and outer beauty. It should already be plain to see that goosey is a beautiful feeling within one’s heart. It can only be defined as beautiful because the feeling and the manifestation of goosey is a beautiful experience. Or, to put it another way, it is the opposite of ugly. And furthermore, having that inner beauty reverberate throughout your mind and body will manifest itself into one’s outer presentation. Now this is NOT a physical appearance of being clean cut and cookie cutter. One can look like a long-haired Viking, but the overall presentation is one that is regarded as favourable and pleasant to the eye. Intuitively the human animal knows and can identify what beauty is, and this intuition determines whether one is beautiful or not.

Most of the time if one has goosey then one has outer beauty.

The definition states that one who is good will make a favourable impression in terms of their moral character. For Hellmantle, it would be safe to say that if one has the goosey then they will not be a bad person. They are mutually exclusive. They are incompatible. Good within will manifest a strong moral character. Simple. And clean. Goosey in no way is shabby or worn. Goosey is a cleanliness of the spirit and thus encourages a cleanliness and crispness in one’s outer presentation. As above, as below; as inside, as outside. Each individual has an inner radar for what is comely, appropriate and beautiful. And it is this radar that confirms one has the goosey from seeing another’s overall presentation.

For Hellmantle, that would be: “That is truly an awesome philosopher’s beard you have going there. Neat, clean and full.”

Let us go on…

b (1) : adapted to the end designed or proposed : satisfactory in performance : free from flaws or defects : USEFUL, SUITABLE, FIT (2) not impaired : SOUND (3) not downcast or dejected : amiably cheerful : SUNNY, SMILING (4) not counterfeit : GENUINE : not depreciated.

This aspect of good and goosey is crucial to the value of goosey. If one in nurturing their inner goosey, then their countenance will not be overcast or dejected. They will most likely be quick to smile, and even better, quick to laugh. And this laughter will be from the source: from the gut. And it is this laughter that is the most infectious laughter in the world. No matter how sad or fractured one might be, when they hear the uncensored roar of guttural laugher, one cannot help laughing themselves. We all know this to be true. And it is a testament to the power of goosey.

Because laughter is the true embodiment of goosey.

Let’s explore a little more of the definition of good so we can better understand goosey…

c (1) : suited to give or giving pleasure : AGREEABLE, PLEASANT (2) : tending to promote well-being or health : SALUTARY, WHOLESOME – used chiefly with for (3) : entertaining by its wit or sparkle : AMUSING, CLEVER, FUNNY d (1) : not small or insignificant : comfortably large : CONSIDERABLE (2) allowing enough time and usually to spare : sufficiently early : AMPLE … e (1) : having a basis in fact or logic : WELL-FOUNDED, COGENT (2) not disproved or refuted.

And here is an aspect of good that connects wellness with goosey: that sparkle and wit that is both wholesome and funny. Herein lies goosey. Herein lies some of the secrets of understanding of what goosey is and thus how to harness one’s inner goosey out of thin air. By having a better comprehension of goosey, one can become a master of goosey. But also, here one can see how good and goosey also include the notions of fullness and ampleness, well-founded logic and cogency. Goosey cannot exist on a bed of bad logic or irrationality. Its bed is sound. Considerable. Large. Copious. And all with a sparkle.

Chapter Five

More About the Good in Goosey

“Good actions give strength to ourselves and inspire good actions in others.” – Plato

By exploring the definition of good, we can explore more deeply into the true nature of what goosey is. Good is a crucial and central idea in philosophical investigation of the Greek philosophers when they posed the question: ‘what is the good life?’ Plato, Socrates, Aristotle and the stoic philosophers all made an effort to find out how to best live one’s life. The word they used was eudaimonia, but for our purposes we are using the English word good. Only here can we see the importance and central aspect of how valuable being good is to the mastering of goosey.

And let it be said that goosey is free. There is no cost in getting your goosey in play and enjoying it forever as one lives their life, whatever flavour and character that might be.

Hellmantle’s Webster’s College Dictionary is a massive beast he has lugged around from place to place, country to country, for nearly 35 years. And he kept the book for its unwavering thoroughness in its effort to define a word. And this word ‘good,’ that we use every day, has such a deep and fundamental underpinning that so many people are not aware of until we delve deeply. We can see so far that at its core, ‘good’ is a uniting force that is associated with a yield of high-quality bounty. We can see that it produces a moral character that has a positive effect on the presentation of the individual vis-à-vis through a clean and crisp outer manifestation – namely beauty. When one feels that uniting power of goodness, one manifests it in their outer appearance.

But what else can we discover about goosey as we delve deeper into the definition of the word good?

2 a (1) : conforming to a certain ideal or standard of morality or virtue : wholly commendable : VIRTUOUS, PURE; specifically possessing either absolute or intrinsic value (2) : conforming to some abstract standard or ideal (as of prudent conduct or proper condition) : RIGHT, DESIRABLE, WISE (3) : directed  : directed or tending toward the welfare of another : BENEVOLENT, FRIENDLY, AMIABLE.

This is the first mention of selflessness and good. It is true that good and goosey are closely aligned to moral goodness and virtue, but this does not mean gooseyness is only born from virtue. Mischief can be a tremendously lucrative source of goosey, granted it is not mean-spirited or antagonistic in nature. Good fun through frolic and mischief promotes the goosey of all those who love to play. Goosey should never be associated with the strict conforming to a standard.. There is nothing strict about goosey. The nature of goosey is flexible and subjective. The fluidity of goosey needs to be highlighted here. Never should goosey be something hindering or repressed by boundaries.

But here in the Webster’s definition of good also appears the act of giving. This, according to Hellmantle’s calculations and experience, serves as a primary source of goosey, and is one of its key ingredients. (The altruism of goosey is explored further in the next chapter).

Back to finishing our thorough analysis of the word good, but now we look at it as a noun…

noun – [Middle English, fr. Old English god, fr. God, adj.] 1 a: something that possesses desirable qualities, promotes success, welfare, or happiness, or is otherwise beneficial b: something that satisfies or commends itself to the ethical consciousness or is conceived as fitting in the moral order of the universe: (1) : something that is either an end in itself or a means to such an end.

Here we see good as a noun encapsulating the key and essential aspects of goosey: something desirable, something that promotes welfare, success and something beneficial. Goosey can be said to be something that ‘satisfies or commends itself to the ethical consciousness or is conceived as fitting in the moral order of the universe.’ As such it is indeed an end in itself, and not a means to an end. Being goosey is a state of being one strives to live full time, all year, etc. It is not a fleeting state of consciousness. Prayer must be the most obvious traditional, historical activity that illustrates and exemplifies man’s quest for the goosey: the welling up of goodness and benevolence in one’s heart, and focusing this benevolence to a higher being, whether God, Allah, the Buddha or Vishna.

One might even say that goosey is the embodiment of God within man.

And a little bit more with the definition of good before we move on…

(2) : the character of human beings or of their attitudes, motives, and actions that is morally praiseworthy – compare ethics c: the good element or portion of anything.

The overall definitive word one might use to describe a person who embodies goosey is ‘good.’ These two words, though not connected etymologically, are connected by their similarity of meaning. Someone who is good – the character of the person vis-à-vis their attitude, motives and actions – is usually morally praiseworthy, and it is this person who nine times out of ten nurtures their goosey. These are not people who harbour bad intentions in their mind and heart. People with goosey have no guile. They are giving, moral peoples who aim to give, be kind and spread their goosey because in their worldview, societies around the world should be full of people who are goosey, kind to their neighbour, and who contribute to the welfare of their fellow man with dignity and integrity. And this is not a lofty goal: it is the natural way of man. We have lost our way in the modern world. So believes our man Hellmantle.

Chapter Six

The Altruism of Goosey

“The happiness of those who want to be popular depends on others; but the happiness of the wise grows out of their own free acts.” – Marcus Aurelius

The primary hidden aspect of goosey is altruism. Those who do good deeds to others revel in the purest form of goosey. Those that feed the homeless or help others who cannot help themselves experience goosey on a profound scale because that ‘profit’ from selfless giving is that intangible gold to the human spirit: that which keeps one young. And it keeps them healthy. Those who govern themselves through altruism, whether it be opening the door for another or giving money to one who begs on the street, there is a kernel of goosey that is magnified within the heart of the giver through the selflessness of the act that is only witnessed by the giver and God. There is a special thing that happens during acts of kindness, and indeed in the heart of all humankind that witnesses acts of love, which suggests that the act of giving is a universal language and the fundamental currency of goosey.

There is a power in feeding the homeless.

In fact, one can experience goosey when watching another give to someone in need. It is a potent source of feel-good to everyone and anyone, anywhere in the world, whether in peace or wartime. Some dedicate their lives to altruism for the sake of humanity but also because of how it makes them feel. Of course, it is very clear in all religions of the world that it is good to give, but some take it very far indeed. Billionaires often turn from entrepreneur to philanthropist, taking pride and self-esteem in giving back to their fellow man. But one doesn’t have to be rich to give. Those without much, give their time and energy to others through volunteering. And some give without fanfare through hidden acts of giving. Hellmantle made it his personal mission to always – without fail – to give the loose change in his front pocket to anyone who begged on the street or train station or bus station during his travels. It was just something he did – because he learned that altruism – the selfless act of giving – always gave him the goosey he thirsted for, and this brand of goosey lingered long after the act itself.

Perhaps when he was a kid, his source of goosey was not based on giving to others. Perhaps it was more about fostering his own goals and dreams, and even through random acts of sporting mischief with his identical twin brother, but the older he became the more altruism became the dominant method of creating goosey out of thin air. It was easy and it was free to do. And he always genuinely liked giving to those in need, and there were no laws against it. And Hellmantle always walked away with a tremendous feeling of goosey reverberating in his chest cavity.

It was from these acts of giving that he became aware that at the heart of what goosey is, is good.

The core of goosey was goodness.

At the root of experiencing goosey, was feeling good.

Everything about the art of goosey was centred around ‘good.’

The core of goosey was goodness and all its tributaries were good.

The nature of goosey was goodness.

And the nature of giving was goodness.

And the ultimate goosey killer was badness.

Any time and every time one did something bad, or immoral, it killed all goosey. They simply did not mix. Badness and goosey were incompatible. So, seeking goosey made Hellmantle a better man.

A much better man.

This was because the brother of goosey is love. And when one is goosey, it attracts love. It attracts people with love in their hearts. It invites laughter which is a celebration of the goosey. Laughter is the manifestation of goosey. Whenever one hears the core cadence of unrestrained laughter, they know the person is good in their core and that badness and evil is very far away.

Laughter is the universal language of goosey.

And laughter binds together all peoples, regardless of politics. It is the universal bonding agent that is born first from gooseyness. Without goosey there can never be true laughter. So, in order to laugh one must be able to harness goosey from out of thin air. And keep it breathing in their hearts. And how does one create goosey out of thin air? Give to others. Give to those in need. Pay someone a compliment that is true. Be selfless. Be a positive force in a negative world. Put your foot down and hold your ground and shine a light in a world of darkness, overcoming naysayers and speak up to say something good and kind and true and supportive. Be a light in the fog of doubt and self-consciousness. Be firm in your beliefs that in humankind’s collective heart there is an infinite drop of goodness that is hidden but there, only at times temporarily darkened from a lack of light.

Be the sun that brings out that infinite drop of goodness.

Be a beacon to others to speak out and be kind.

This is a way of bringing out the goosey in others. Many are afraid of showing their goosey, especially in these dark days of suffering and hatred and oppression, so to speak out and show others that it is okay to be goosey and show your goosey will encourage others to bring out their goosey buried in their hearts, protected from the barbed sarcasm that assaults them all around them. By speaking positively and being kind and showing your gooseyness shows a type of altruism that makes others feel at ease. And this encourages them to let their goosey out.

Chapter Seven

The Intricacies of Goosey

“Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.” – Marcus Aurelius

Conquering goosey is not easy. If it were then everyone would be goosey all day, all month and all year long. The ebb and flow of mood swings, the challenges and obstacles of life and the emotions required to overcome issues in any given day, bodycheck the goosey out of the forefront of one’s piece with the regularity of daily sunsets. Forces beyond one’s control are the enemy of maintaining goosey. And the hardships of re-establishing goosey are aspects of living life that for the most part, fall outside the realm of human understanding. Goosey, and the mastering of goosey, are essentially reserved for those sages of the human spirit who meditate and pray in a monastery or cabin in the forest. Mastering the goosey in a modern city is akin to the impossible.

So how does one stickhandle through these shadows and intricacies of what to do when it comes to using and enjoying the joy out of goosey? Well, the answer is: carefully, slowly and methodically.

Without a good understanding of goosey, what it is and how it works, one can never be the full-time employer of the goosey no matter how much they seek it. Understanding what goosey is, how it is created and how it is maintained are all requisite steps in the mastering of the goosey. Acknowledging, for example, that the goosey is a fragile, unquantifiable thing that exists in the ethers, and that goosey can be a whisp of thin air can be gone in a flash when one hits their thumb with a hammer, is the very nature of becoming a goosey master. It can be gone is a flash upon hearing bad news, or when encountering a negative person, or experiencing dread or fear. One might have goosey in their heart all day and then be perplexed when suddenly it evaporates when they experience something negative. Gone. Irretrievable. But not irreversible.

So how can one begin to manage the fragile nature of goosey?

How can one gain more control over the employment of goosey at will?

As mentioned, having a state of mind that is steeped in everything good creates an inner, subjective environment where goosey can take root and grow more easily than if, for example, the individual harbours hatred or negativity in their guts. Executing acts of altruism – giving – is another way of creating the goosey out of nothing – like conjuring of something out of nothing like a magician. A cuppa tea is the age-old way many create goosey for the day. One might put on their leathers and motorcycle jacket and go for a long ride on their favourite motorcycle to create the goosey that overcomes fatigue and dread and fear and doubt that mars the goosey, but then again motorcycling is not for everyone. For Hellmantle, it is his primary and strongest source of goosey. Riding is his primary go-to for his goosey, especially when he finds himself with a twisted and knotted-up stomach from stress. He rides to de-stress. But he doesn’t ride the busy highways; he rides to empty sideroads in the country where he cruises and never speeds, and where he lets the beauty of nature and the landscapes fill his heart with the wonders of life.

There are other intricacies of goosey worth mentioning here. There are those people who once they detect goosey in another person, will actually try to drain or destroy their goosey. We can call these people goosey suckers. These are people who harbour jealousy at others who have the goosey. They have polished and sharpened their radar of others to detect the goosey and find a way to destroy their inner joy. It could be barbed sarcasm they employ with antagonistic flavours where they use humour to destroy another’s goosey. It is surprisingly common, and oftentimes it is shielded in the name of “just kidding” after a comment that hurts and destroys. There are others who seek to destroy another person’s goosey by bringing their negativity into reality, squashing another’s goosey that cannot withstand another’s onslaught of negativity.

Some people, so desperate to get their goosey in play, will resort to chemicals or drugs to create it. But this chemical-based goosey is besought with dangers. Addiction and the need to constantly ingest the given drug or chemical makes this a false creation of goosey. Real, true goosey must come into existence through the lightness of the spirit at play and that tickling of the soul at the infinite possibilities that lays before them.

For goosey to be true and pure, it must be born from purity.

Then there is the tricky finesse involved in the proper harnessing of joy from the goosey. One must develop a system of tapping into their goosey to feed their spirit just enough. Not too much or too little, but just enough pulling of inner joy from the goosey. One cannot choke on the goosey or go crazy from it; one must massage the murmuring of goosey and sponge off it like an artist.

And then there is the network of those who have mastered the goosey, and who – due to their mastering of the goosey – stick together. Rather common in religious sects, those who focus on their goosey choose to hang out with others who acknowledge and feed off their goosey. Artists are also a subset of society that tend to stick to other artists who need their goosey to create their art. Conversely there are subsets of society who eschew goosey and don’t want to be in contact with those with the goosey. This subset includes, for example, athletes in combat sports who simply don’t want to see anyone with the quiet confidence of inner goosey. Businessmen who are hellbent on profits might be identified as another subset – a group where the goosey is not considered a desirable trait. And of course, the criminal subset. Goosey for criminals is not a priority.

Being aware of one’s milieu, and its compatibility with goosey, is yet another intricacy of goosey. Ideally the goosey is best suited for those individuals who live a creative life. And since they are alone, have a better chance of creating and maintaining their goosey for longer periods of time. It has always been like this and will likely always be.

Chapter Eight

The Applause of Goosey

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” – Aristotle

The applause of goosey is not as widespread as one might think. Artists, scholars, and great thinkers have all pursued this line of thought, trying to describe and establish goosey as something important and central to what it is to live a good life – to live a life of meaning. But in reality, most people shun or dislike goosey. Most people are fractured and miserable, and as such have a miserable inner life. Goosey is not on their radar as something they want to work for. Their politeness is an effort to be presentable in society. Underneath their manufactured politeness they harbour a stirring hatred for everyone and anyone who shows the slightest sniff of goosey. They are quick to cut them down and destroy their gooseyness.

Those who love goosey, and the nutritional harvest one can get from mastering goosey, quickly become aware of those who hate goosey. And as such they seek to be alone or to be with those who share their goosey. And then when those who value and employ the goosey try to share their goosey with a friend who is miserable, that friendship is in peril. The miserable friend can never allow into their heart the joy experienced by their friend. Instead, a bile – a bitter, deadly bile – erupts within their guts that cannot be contained. This bile percolates until eventually they release the bile and barf all over their friend’s gooseyness. With this friend, there is no applause for the goosey. With this friend, there is only an enemy of goosey. This is the fundamental dynamic of goosey, and the reason why there are so many peoples in the world who do not put in the effort to investigate the goosey and learn how to create the goosey for their own benefit. Instead, they adopt this blind distaste and dislike and distrust for those who enjoy the goosy.

The applause of goosey is felt most brightly in other artists who dedicate themselves to their goosey and who use it as their muse to produce great works of art for the benefit of all peoples, even those who secretly harbour hatred for goosey. Because only in art – that is an essential expression of the goosey – can those who eschew goosey in others can personally enjoy the goosey found in the art, even if just for a moment. They feed off that goosey in the art for a few seconds and thereby grab onto that glimpse of goosey for dear life, even as they walk away from the art.

These people who do not applaud goosey sneak some goosey in when they are exposed to art.

The biggest fan of goosey is God. He is the one who likes it the most because with goosey firmly in the heart of an individual, He knows the individual will only do good. Goosey negates evil because the two are incompatible and mutually exclusive. The artist is also a big fan of the goosey because without the goosey they are hindered from the power of creating works of art. Likewise, those religious people who pray to God cannot feel God if their hearts are closed off from the holy spirit. With goosey present inside them, God has an open door into their heart.

The holy spirit is the goosey in divine form.

But the biggest applause of goosey for Hellmantle is the philosopher. For he had spent countless hours in the library and countless hours traveling the world in search of the answers to the meaning of life, and he always comes back to goosey as its fundamental wellspring. Overlooked and underappreciated, this one word and this one state of being defines the essence of what it is to live a good life. Goosey for Hellmantle was the hidden answer to those questions philosophers had sought answers to since before the Greeks. He knew in his heart that philosophers were the ones who had the greatest applause for the goosey because of its purity, and because its prerequisites to produce come from oneself. They knew bad people cannot conjure the goosey. Philosophers have been aware that once a man created and contained and kept the light of gooseyness alight throughout the day, week and months, that there was a man who was capable of profound good. And this good they knew could spread to others, infecting communities with the goosey.

And eventually nations.

Philosophically they knew goosey was the pinnacle of human achievement. And because of this they had the greatest applause for goosey. Clumsily some might have called it love, love of thy fellow man, or love of a wife or brother, but at its core was the lightness of power that infused the individual with a superpower of potential and possibility that was responsible for creating civilization. It is goosey that is the first cause for an artist to sit down at a piano and write the first few chords, and it is goosey that creates the lyrics of the melody. Just as it is the goosey that is responsible for the first few words typed into a new document that will eventually become a novel that could change the world.

Inspiration is the birthchild of goosey.

But it is true that the greatest applause comes from the individual that has the goosey in their heart. He is applauding the loudest because he knows the murmurings of goosey is like gold to his soul. He knows that with goosey he can conquer life and create a masterpiece. He knows he has the power to make his life a work of art. He knows his step is lighter with goosey in his centre. He knows he can endure the harshest blows if he is armed with goosey in his chest cavity. He knows even his Achilles Heel is untouchable with goosey. He can kick out kryptonite and can inspire others to greatness as long as he has his hand on the pulse of his own gooseyness. And because he knows this, he will fight tooth and nail to protect his goosey from those who seek to destroy it. He is a warrior of goosey. He is deadly in his defense of goosey. He will dedicate all his resources to securing the magical properties of goosey at risk of life and limb.

Chapter Nine

Things that Make you Goosey

“Life without experience and sufferings is not life.” – Socrates

For each individual, what creates goosey inside them is unique to them. For example, a certain childhood memory might spark the light of goosey every time they recollect that memory. For others it might be the recollection of a person who meant a lot to them in their life. For Hellmantle, other than motorcycling, an example of one of the things that gave him the goosey was the sight of not one, not two, but three bald eagles flying over his house on a random Tuesday afternoon one spring. Stepping out of his house in the country, he watched three bald eagles surfing the thermals off the edge of the escarpment where he lives. They just cruised the rising air high up, circling, not bothering to flap a wing, orbiting each other as if they were in a type of ritual dance. The sight of this brought an instant jolt of goosey into his heart that remained there the rest of the day. It was a reminder that he lived in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

For others, these might be the source of goosey:

  • The love of a woman
  • The power of the sun
  • The glimpse of robust health
  • A wave from a neighbour
  • Seeing the glee of kids at play
  • Brotherly love/unconditional camaraderie
  • Witnessing nature in balance
  • A sunset
  • A childhood memory
  • An achievement, no matter how rudimentary
  • Wit; the sparkle in the eye of a friend or colleague
  • An unusually productive day
  • The warmth of a wool sweater in the rainy drizzle
  • Mulling over joyous thoughts on a hammock on a summer’s day
  • Trailbiking in a far-off land
  • Forgiving another’s trespass
  • Good, strong posture
  • Love and protection of a sibling

For those who are intimate with goosey, they know it is a feeling that gives them the sense of infinite possibility and adventure, and everything that is good in life. This is Hellmantle’s goosey. This is how he describes what he feels when experiencing these items on his list. It is not what the Merriman-Webster’s dictionary states: goosey as ‘goose like,’ or anything to do with a goose! For Hellmantle, it is the magic that is present when we have that fleeting moment when anything is possible.

For those who harvest goosey from having a productive day, an effective inner mantra to master the goosey might be: ‘evolve one centimetre a day eventually yields a kilometre of growth, and then a second, and a third – ad infinitum.’ By focusing on gaining a little bit each day, one can reach long-held goals, which further enhances one’s goosey. It’s a self-feeding apparatus that serves to protect one’s goosey and restores one’s goosey each day over the long haul. Conversely, losing a centimetre a day makes it very difficult to maintain the goosey within one’s heart, especially over the longer term. This theme of gain – growth, evolution – is central to what is needed to create and maintain goosey.

Optimism and growth and gratitude are all essentials in one’s inner engine to become a master of goosey.

Those with a strong inner engine fueled by thankfulness and self-belief will exude goosey so that others might say: ‘The goosey is strong in this one.’ Hellmantle, who dedicated himself to mastering the art of goosey after surviving a bad event in his life, can often identify another person with a strong goosey. His radar has become polished that he is able to see others who nurture the goosey. Goosey people hang out with other goosey people.

But also, some goosey people choose to spend time with those with a faltering goosey in an effort to inspire others to keep trying to find and keep their inner goosey,

Pride is another source of power for harnessing the goosey. Pride of a son or daughter or a sibling or loved one can instantly bring a flood of goosey to one’s heart. But also pride of achievement, especially if the achievement brings light to others – an altruistic achievement – is a potent source of creating the goosey.

Even administrative hygiene brings a sort of brimming goosey to those who are often flustered by shabby paperwork. Running a clean administrative ensemble within one’s life is fundamentally enhancing, especially if one contrasts against having bad administrative hygiene. Past due taxes or unpaid credit cards or an unrenewed driver’s licence can all detract and take away from one’s goosey. Running a clean operation and a crisp household is a requirement for having the infrastructure to house a lively goosey.

Decluttering the bad to make space for the goosey is a fundamental pillar in one’s underpinning of goosey. One must live cleanly insofar as paperwork goes. This means ID, bank accounts, house maintenance, car maintenance, physical fitness and work cleanliness; all contribute to whether one can even allow the goosey into their heart. The basics, as these items might be called, are essential for those who take their goosey seriously. One cannot be distracted by collection agencies or unpaid taxes and be able to truly house life-giving goosey. They both cannot exist in the same biological ecosystem. First good administrative hygiene, then comes the inner goosey. Declutter that bad paperwork first before working on the dynamics of goosey. Good administration in one’s life provides the crucial space for inner goosey to thrive.

And this good administration enables one to love themselves, which is essentially the first step to achieving the goosey. If you don’t respect yourself, you can never truly nurture goosey and feed off its spiritual nutrients. Self-love is born from good behind-the-scenes paperwork. And this holds true for one’s physical health. Eating well and fostering intellectual growth is part of the package one needs to provide oneself for one to thrive on goosey. Achieving the goosey is a lifestyle and a way of life. Living and partying in the fast lane usually does not sustain goosey over the long term.

Chapter Ten

The Dark Side of Goosey

“The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts: therefore, guard accordingly,

and take care that you entertain no notions unsuitable to virtue and reasonable nature.” – Marcus Aurelius

Ironically, many of those who use drugs are searching for goosey. They are using illegal substances to achieve fleeting moments of glee. They are basically trying to score high on a test without doing the studying required to get the marks they seek. They are those who want good health without eating nutritious food. They are those who want an athlete’s physique but who don’t do the exercise. These are people who eschew the hard work needed to achieve the benefits they seek. It can be agreed by Hellmantle and his friends that the state of goosey is a much-valued and much-sought-after state of being. It can safely be assumed that, all things being equal, one will choose to have that inner goosey in their heart elevating them throughout the day no matter what they are doing. Goosey is Godly, and everyone wants to feel the presence of God within them.

But not all peoples recognize or accept that there is a lot of hard work that is required before one can create and keep the goosey alive in their heart.

In this era of quick fixes and short-term gains, many simply are not aware that to achieve goosey and keep goosey they must make some changes to the way they live. For those not willing – or unable – to put in the work, they might resort to drugs to achieve momentary flashes of false goosey, before falling down in a spectacular and destructive manner soon afterwards. And furthermore, the post-goosey crash reverberates long after thus producing an ache in the leftover void that deepens the demand for desperate actions and behaviours that can push a man towards crime.

Thus is the power of the goosey.

Also, when one is down and spiritually fractured and not able to produce any subjective goosey, they are more inclined to harbour a violent jealousy of others who have the goosey. They are thus more inclined to engage in acts against that person in the hope of deflating their goosey or otherwise wrecking the life of the person who has the goosey. This jealously can take many different profiles, but the one Hellmantle sees as the most dangerous is the urge to destroy others. This jealously of other’s goosey leads to a strange and spicey array of petty actions that further deepens the perpetrator into depression, self-hatred, and immorality. Once a man starts down this path, it is very difficult to fight against gravity and pull themselves out of the spiral – thus leading to a life of destruction, crime, and potentially imprisonment.

Of course, taking this downward spiral to its logical extreme, we arrive at murder. What percentage of murders are from the murderer being jealous of another’s happiness? Hellmantle could never hazard a guess to this question. It’s best to leave this question to the experts. Suffice to say that it is the power of goosey that lies behind many crimes we see today. The ‘haves and the have nots’ dynamic is based on those who have the goosey and those who do not. Too often having goosey is connected with wealth. But the truth of the matter is that even a penniless sage who begs for his food can be a master of goosey while a millionaire might be miserable in their heart, void of goosey. Wealth creating goosey is not always the case. Even if those who have lots of things might outwardly have things others do not, one should never assume they also have the gold dust of goosey as well. Like an athlete, those with the Godly gold dust in their hearts have worked for it, recognize its value, and do everything they can to maintain their goosey at all costs. And because of this hard work requirement, there are a very small percentage of peoples around the world who have the goosey as one of their life partners.

And because goosey has such a hold and is held in such high esteem, there are those who risk being too goosey. They are slaves to their goosey and let other things fall behind them. These people have become drunk on their goosey and have lost sight of what is good in life. These are peoples who have lost all semblance of balance and finesse in their lives, who instead choose their buzz over everything else, such as love for their neighbour and family, and altruism and philanthropy for their fellow man. They have put in the hard work to achieve the goosey but have – somewhere along the line – lost sight of balance, decorum and common sense. They have become monsters who only thirst for the burning light in their heart, soon encountering a blight in their soul, not knowing why. They hold on too tight to their goosey and snuff out the flame. They have become drunk on the goosey and have lost sight of decency and calmness. In short, they have become a slave to their goosey.

This of course defeats the point of goosey. Mastering the goosey is to elevate life and enhance the daily experience of living. It is a silent wingman that helps one overcome the obstacles and hiccups encountered while living life. It is their own lectern where God resides and shines light into the darkness where otherwise there would only be shadows. It gives one a brightness that shines everywhere and in everything they do. But it is a benign force that has no independence on its own. It is a shadow of light that is there but cannot affect things on its own. It is a silent partner locked instep with you as you battle the forces set against you each day, each week and each month and throughout the years. It is that extra bit of anima that lifts and inspires that all can feel but never put their finger on. It is the inner magic that one encounters during childhood but is somehow lost when emerging as an adult. It is your Boo Radley hidden behind the door protecting you from the evil forces all around you. In short, goosey is your friend who has no name yet has the superpower that heals the battered areas of your soul.

Chapter Eleven

Goosey and the Importance of Gratitude

“The greatest blessings of mankind are within us and within our reach. A wise man is content with his lot,

whatever it may be, without wishing for what he has not.” – Seneca

Feeling gratitude and feeling goosey are interwoven like peanut butter and jam. When one is overwhelmed with gratitude, they experience goosey. And when one nurses long-term gratitude, then they are very able to call forth goosey when needed.

The very nature of gratitude – a deep and profound thankfulness for something received from something or someone – nurtures those emotions that welcome goosey into one’s inner hearth. For most peoples in the modern era, their default setting is the opposite of gratitude. The modern citizen’s compass tends to be set on ‘hard-done-by.’ The average person’s default setting is ‘ticked off.’ Most people today are simply jealous of others. One’s set belief is that they deserve better than what they have and thus they nurture these emotions that are hostile to allowing goosey to flourish within. Our current generation is beset by feelings of frustration and hostility that can be seen in the pro-transgender and pro-homosexuality protests that are openly hostile to those who do not share their beliefs. For many it is okay to be who you want. End of discussion. But these protesters take it further and are negative in everything they do with their protesting. Be who you are. And that’s the end of it.

Transgender rights typifies the inner anger of an entire generation. When the hippies protested the Vietnam war, these demonstrations were peaceful. They were soaked with marijuana and wearing smelly Birkenstock sandals. Today they are wearing military jackboots and soaked in meth. The softness of gratitude seems to be absent from the majority of people participating in the mainstream today. This is one of the main reasons why so many lack the goosey that instills them with everything noble, pleasant and benevolent in humankind. Gratitude for one’s inheritance, both in terms of materialism and genetics, as well as family history and friendships, go a long way towards providing one with the foundation to adopt and manage a goosey strategy that can only enhance one’s life.

But gratitude is not the be-all and end-all of mastering goosey. As already stated, one needs to have good health as well as good admin hygiene and good people management to be able to foster goosey to good use. Remembering childhood memories is a good example of how one can recall the feelings of gratitude for that memory that produces the warm-and-fuzzies of goosey. When one can revisit a past relationship that was characterized by love and trust, it is yet another way to open the door to the magic of goosey. Both inner acts of recollection help with the successful management of goosey in the everyday art of living. Both these acts of recollection are infused with gratitude.

Gratitude is a goosey enhancer.

Gratitude warms one’s inner hearth.

And so does mindfulness.

Conversely, if one has no room in their person for the emotion of gratitude, then they must disqualify themselves from being able to entertain goosey in their hearts. It is often spoken that one must always be thankful for what one has, well this is a direct footnote of the importance of thankfulness in one’s inner management of good life philosophy. The very nature of gratitude is fundamentally positive. It is a positive vibe that infiltrates one’s inner environment that pushes out niggling doubts or negative thoughts. It is a powerful agent that cleanses past anxieties and injustices to wipe the slate clean to enable the growth of goosey.

It is one of the non-negotiable prerequisites for a life of goosey.

Gratitude encourages thankfulness and self-confidence, both ‘required reading’ for goosey. A man who is spiritually fractured – or “not-centered” – can never really manage goosey for long periods of time. One needs a firm foundation as a support system or infrastructure to nurture the goosey. Being centered is founded on gratitude for both life and limb. One must be smart to constantly remind oneself of one’s gratitude because it is one of those things that might have a time limit. Gratitude can finish as soon as it starts, so to remind oneself of how much gratitude one feels is a good technique for prolonging the goosey. The most obvious example for Hellmantle is if someone was dying and their lives were saved by a benevolent doctor. One who was suffering with an incurable, fatal disease is suddenly saved due to a life-saving procedure surely has every reason to feel gratitude for life and for the time they now have on Earth. How can this person not feel gratitude every single day of their lives, especially when one is reminded that they should in fact be dead?

Just the simple act of reminding oneself of this fact is enough to foster the goosey from the gratitude they feel at being alive.

But not everyone has this built-in mechanism to kickstart one’s goosey for the day. But by using this template, one might be able to come up with something similar that is effective in this manner. For example, one might remember a tackle from playing a sport during gym class that could have injured their knee permanently, but it didn’t happen due to the last-minute act of avoidance of the rogue tackle. This simple act saved one’s knee from permanent pain and disfunction. If one could finagle gratitude from this – from being able to extrapolate from this event that they had been saved from never-ending pain – then one could use it to produce some goosey into their daily.

Therefore, it behooves an individual to bring gratitude into focus and bring it into their realm of emotions in their everyday management of their life so that they are more readily able to introduce goosey so they can keep it there all day to further the richness of qualia in their daily life experiences. And if they cannot find gratitude, perhaps they can push out the negative emotions that prevent gratitude from taking root, such as doubt, bitterness, jealousy and antagonistic sarcasm. Be mindful that many of today’s dominant behavioural trends are bitter in their essence. And so do not be shy to kick them out to bring in the sunlight of the goosey, so that you can benefit from everything goosey brings.

One must do some work to benefit from goosey.

It is never just there.

One must do some inner homework to bring it and keep it.

Chapter Twelve

The Rodeo of Goosey

“You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.” Marcus Aurelius

It is becoming clearer the more this investigation delves deeper into the dynamics of goosey, that we can see that the use and utilization of goosey to enhance life is based on many variables, and as such is fundamentally fickle and never secure in its presence or application. Many forces push goosey away, often on a dime, whether an offhand comment from another person, or a simple learning of a new piece of knowledge, such as a cheque bouncing. There is an endless stream of possible disrupting forces that can kick goosey off its pedestal and therefore re-introduce to the individual the task of recruiting goosey back to its inner pedestal.

In this way, maintaining the goosey is often a rodeo.

One must fortify ways to reintroduce the goosey back into play in the face of adversity and danger. Life at its core is not friendly to full-time use and application of the goosey, therefore one must become a master of reinstating goosey to its rightful position within one’s inner pantheon of dispositions.

In this endeavour one must never lose hope that their goosey can and will return. It is natural and nature’s way that goosey will be pushed aside for hours and days at a time. The trick is to not lose hope and to be able to recall and employ the goosey when needed. Even when faced with waves of negativity, believing in your goosey can usurp the penetrating negativity. This belief is mandatory. Despair is the enemy of goosey and can never be allowed to take root within one’s arsenal of mood-generating tools. Once despair has the upper hand, goosey can never prevail. Only by removing the dark shadows of despair can one regain the sunny skies of goosey. Inner strength and perhaps subjective guile can be used to manipulate one’s mood or perspective to reintroduce goosey back into the fold.

Once goosey has its toe through the door, the rest is easy as the individual knows how to bring it in for the last few yards where goosey can then flourish.

In fact, the success of keeping the rodeo at bay determines one’s level of mastery of the goosey. Too many people have lost all retrievability of their goosey through low self-belief, low self-confidence, and the ugliness of chronic despair. Many great men who have experienced tragedy cannot regain the beauty of inner goosey, thereby confining themselves to a life of inner dread and bland mediocrity. The measure of a man is his ability to sustain a tragedy and come back from it. A person who has undergone trauma and loss yet still has hope and self-belief that life can still be fun is a man who has overcome the most painful hurdles and can again planted themselves on the road to the salvation of goosey, not just of his soul, but of saving his life from the ache of the ague.

Show Hellmantle a man once blighted by tragedy and loss who has regained his sense of fun and playfulness, and he will show you a Man in Full.

Then there are those who employ and call forth the magic of goosey only when they want to. Life for them is a gleeful endeavour where the obstacles of pain is merely a temporary nuisance. These are master philosophers who can bring in the playfulness of inner goosey as if it were a treat – like candy for the spirit. Their spiritual life is rich and full of abundance and therefore they never really flirt with the abyss that leads to depression and perhaps suicide. Their feet are firmly planted in the light, and they have put in the hours of study and learned the hard edge of discipline to be able to discern between sadness and happiness, justice and injustice, and the skills required to process these events. These are the men who can call forth their inner goosey at the drop of a dime but who only invite the magic of goosey to join them when they feel the need. Therein lies the secret to the permanent murmuring of goosey in their under-step. They are – by nature- wealthy of inner glee and therefore only take little bites of the apple, always careful never to overdose on the richness of goosey.

Like a candy, too much goosey can rot one’s teeth.

But even these masters of goosey are aware and respect the rodeo nature of goosey. In fact, they recognize that the rodeo nature of goosey is in fact a good thing because it’s a reminder how goosey can never be adopted and put in play one hundred percent of the time. The very nature of goosey is at best intermittent and as such never a burden for an individual to always have as a central wingman. Goosey in indeed an old roommate who is great to have around for visits but for never more than three days or else the visit grows stale. Goosey, like a fine wine, is best served when the appetite cries forth; when the cheese is ready, and the olives need to be eaten. But like fine wine, the sun doesn’t have to be setting to warrant a glass of Pinot Noir. A cloudy or even a rainy night with a dropping sun over the western horizon can still be a time when the wine can be consumed and the buzz be felt in all the right places. Goosey too can be called forth during the rainy days. Goosey is that elixir that brightens one’s day any time it is called forth. Therein lies its paramount value and importance to each person’s life, forever, always deserving respect and consideration for what it brings to the table.

So for those who want to master their goosey, they must saddle up and learn how to ride the bucking horse to succeed at the rodeo of goosey. It has always been thus. And to do this, it is life experience and inner discipline that play major roles in the mastery of the goosey.

Chapter Thirteen

God and Goosey

“A joyful, cheerful heart brings healing to both body and soul.” – Proverb 17:22

For centuries throughout history man has looked to God for the goosey. The very act of communicating with God is an act that brings a divine connection between sinful man and divine God. This touching between “peoples” brings with it the hope of divine assistance and holy supervision. The act of prayer is the most common method for man to get the goosey working within them. Not many would admit this but that feeling one gets when they pray is the goosey.

All churches, synagogues and mosques are houses of the goosey.

Goosey is characterized by hope and optimism for betterment and deep belief in the future, as well as safety of person and health of all those who one cares about, all of which are normal prayer requests. Hope and gratitude in God (a Supreme Being) responding favourably to one’s prayer is when the goosey kicks in. As whether God ever responds to a prayer is a separate question, and whether there even is a God is another question. What is clear is that the act of prayer – that exercise of communicating with God directly with folded hands and on bent knee – is a behaviour that opens the door to goosey replenishing the positive and hopefulness within the heart of the one who prays.

Even the act of going to church is also an exercise that enables one to come closer with the divine and therefore brings in the holy light, which is essentially the goosey. The unique connective aspect of God and gooseyness is that it has the potential to remain in one’s heart for a long time because of self-belief. When one believes in God, and believes that God will help them for being a good person, pious and virtuous, then the goosey has a good chance of staying in power within one’s own personal spiritual apparatus. Goosey is a hopeful dream and prayer brings that hopeful dream closer to reality – a reality created by the individual. What is unique to this aspect of historical life is that the praying individual usually does good to others and lives in a Christian or altruistic manner, which further magnifies their inner goosey regardless of whether God has His hand in their affairs or not.

The very faith of believing in the power of God is enough to spur the individual on to do good and to be a good person that only prolongs the presence of goosey in one’s heart.

Is it a trick one might ask? No, Hellmantle wouldn’t characterize it as a trick, but its similarity to one’s own inner dynamics of calling forth goosey is darn similar to the act of praying. A religious person who prays brings in the holy spirit into them, as does the individual who seeks goosey by being good, being altruistic and by recalling positive memories that produce the warm feelings of love and waking optimism. These two acts are connected, but not the same.

The act of prayer and its relationship to goosey touches on the Permanent Goosey. Some people can keep goosey omnipresent through the hardness and thoroughness of how they know and believe in either the power of God or the magical qualities of goosey. In this instance, if one’s belief in God is deep and unwavering then they can muster goosey into their heart over the long term. These are the true masters of the goosey. Nothing will shake their belief in God or the balm of goosey. They believe God is looking after them because they are virtuous and doing good to others, and therefore they have the privilege of having the divine light in their hearts for long, sustained periods of time. (Hellmantle balks at saying “all the time” or “forever” because even religious people have doubts eventually, or have a Nietzschean moment and declare ‘God is dead’ for reasons of oppressive, live-for-the-afterlife Christian morality). And just as men of religion can have the goosey holy spirit shining forth in their benevolent souls, so can they the master the goosey. It is just that their methodology is different.

The Masters of the Goosey do not rely on outsiders (God) to fill them with outside help, favour or blessings. These goosey masters are the individuals who can generate their own goosey from living a good life and from sheer perseverance and understanding how goosey can be created and managed through discipline and mental rigor.

If one is secure in their knowledge of goosey and how it works, then one can have the long-term goosey benefits that characterize enlightened religious men that have appeared throughout the ages. Their belief in God is a trick of the mind to instill goosey. Albeit this goosey is born from the belief of an all-seeing, omnipotent and omnipresent divine being overlooking you and protecting you, the man without God who also wants the benefits of goosey can also enjoy this divine light through reflection of great moments, and by the live acts of altruism. The act of giving is both Christian and an act of a person who is goosey.

This pervasive kindness is intimately intertwined with the calling up of goosey.

The deep religious believer who prays to God (Manitou) is secure in their beliefs, and therefore can have a long-term marriage with gooseyness of the holy light in their hearts. They are perhaps on the opposite side of those who try to generate a false goosey. The false goosey is when an individual tries to implement the goosey based on faulty foundations. This contrasts with the purity of the religious goosey, which is based on thorough belief and endless acts of Christian charity. A false goosey is doomed to fail. A false goosey – a goosey called forth based on dishonesty or false beliefs – cannot last.

And it is a sign that the individual has not truly grasped the inner dynamics of goosey, what goosey is, and how goosey can be nurtured.

And there is no reason why religion – the goodness of religion and loving thy neighbour – cannot be incorporated into one’s own personal dynamics with bringing goosey forth into their own moving, breathing, spiritual home. They are not mutually exclusive. God / Manitou / a Supreme Being, and people of the goosey, are intertwined but not the same, but they are indeed cut from the same cloth.

One is born from a church, the other from the exploits on a motorbike.

Chapter Fourteen

Obstacles to Goosey

Fortify yourself with contentment, for this is an impregnable fortress you will have over your own life.” – Epictetus

There are many obstacles to attaining gooseyness, but it pays to look at a few major ones. Let it be said that the goosey is your buzz. It’s free. And it’s good for you. It’s a spiritual multivitamin that gives life and keeps on giving in perpetuity. It is man’s natural soma. It is an elixir that takes away pain and replaces turbulence with calmness, poise, and confidence from an inner knowledge that all will be okay. So, when there are road bumps that diminish or take away from the fervor of one’s goosey, they should to be identified.

Here are the obvious obstacles to goosey:

One is fear. Fear will crush one’s goosey because fear can never allow the intricacies and healthy reverberations of goosey to flourish. Fear is a destroyer of all that elevates, both personally and spiritually. Fear causes an individual to cease from being positive and pure. Fear destroys the untainted goodness of giving so that all acts are instead done as a slave to one’s fear. It may even be said that goosey cannot live in an environment of fear. Fear is a bugaboo of goosey. The two are not compatible.

Only by squashing fear can one reintroduce the goosey into daily living with the fruitful benefits of optimism, which peppers all behaviours with infectious positivity.

Anxiety is another obstacle to the full employment of goosey. Anxiety is a byproduct of fear that curtails the inner glory at the celebration of life. Anxiety kills the fervor of goosey just as water douses a flame. Anxiety cuts an individual in half and causes a person to become fractured. Only when an individual is centred and focused and assured all is okay can one implement the rigors and glory of goosey. Anxiety is anathema to what goosey stands for. Goosey is a pure, non-anxious state of being. Confidence in the future and a plausible road to never-ending happiness are the hallmarks to how goosey works. Anxiety negates goosey and always will.

To keep anxiety at bay is to keep the door open to goosey.

Negative thoughts can mark a man. When one comes into contact with another individual who is ruled and governed by negative thoughts, it can detrimentally affect their goosey. Negativity permeates into every nook and cranny of a person’s communication apparatus whereby even a compliment is underhanded and peppered with a benign antagonism. We see it most commonly in sarcasm. It is a mean-spirited sarcasm – a type of humor Shakespeare called “the weak man’s humor.” At its root are barbs murmuring with antagonism. Cynicism is its twin brother, and anyone who is cynical cannot allow the joy and glee of goosey into their centres of being, just as a gas-powered engine cannot allow diesel into its carburetor.

A lack of self-confidence ruins one’s goosey. Self-doubt opens the door to the destruction of one’s goosey. This is why goosey and self-confidence go hand-in-hand just as goosey and altruism go hand-in-hand. Self-confidence is the beginning point of inner goosey. And self-confidence must be earned through discipline, achievements, giving and kindness. Only a Man in Full can muster the level of self-confidence that enables one’s goosey to take hold and flourish. This is why goosey is part of a much-studied and sought-after aspect of moral philosophy that has been ruminating for millennia: man’s pursuit of happiness. But happiness needs to be investigated further, thus the reason for this work by Hellmantle. In many instances, goosey, self-confidence and happiness are the central points of all earnest philosophical debate.

This is because the harvest from mastering goosey is so great.

Doubt comes from a lack of confidence and therefore it behooves all individuals to overcome doubt through thorough research and deliberation in order to foster a solid inner foundation to house goosey. Doubt is squashed from diligence and hard work. All peoples experience doubt but only those who are sincere and determined can overcome doubts that mar the growth of goosey.

For those who can overcome, they then become a true philosopher of the old school.

And it must be said, poor health can kill a man’s spirit. Anyone who has experienced poor health, has a fatal disease, or is on medication that hinders one’s energy and their spirit, knows how crucial health is to one’s happiness. If one is in bad health, it is almost impossible to muster the goosey from within. Goosey requires both inner strength and physical strength. If one is ill, then it is physically an impossibility for one to extract the inner power to use goosey to their benefit. Hellmantle, as someone who has been on the brink of death, he can verify that without one’s health it is virtually unattainable for one to be goosey. Only the very few – the special few – can generate the inner will to call forth goosey when oppressed by poor health. If an individual is facing certain death, there are certain circumstances when an individual can muster what it takes to bring goosey into the fold for the last few months of life. One can embrace their lives and nestle-in to their deep belief of an afterlife.

And finally, personal disarray can hamper all efforts to benefit from one’s own inner goosey. Disarray can take on many different forms. As mentioned earlier in this narrative, if one’s personal admin is in a terrible state, such as bad financials and if one is behind in filing income taxes or paying property taxes, then one is tremendously hindered from feeling the goosey. If one’s house is in disarray, it augers cuts and fissures into their lives, just as decay and mould can take over a poorly maintained refrigerator and spoil the food. It might seem trivial, but these little things have long-range negative effects that will take away one’s degree of inner flourishment.

Keep a clean house and the goosey will come.

Chapter Fifteen

Motorbike Goosey

“Action may not bring happiness but there is no happiness without action.” – William James

For Hellmantle the most obvious and most healthy provider of goosey is the motorbike goosey. He has known this since he was a young lad growing up in British Colombia back in the early seventies. It has always been obvious and clear to him that motorbiking and the goosey are connected in a way that is special. This is perhaps because of his early experiences with his Kawasaki KD 75 minibike, when he and his identical twin brother rode their minibikes everyday in their backyard that was ten acres of trails. It was due to this that his true relationship with the goosey began. And perhaps it was his early association with motorbiking at such a young age that had made Hellmantle into somewhat of a connoisseur during his later years as an accomplished author and philosopher.

Hellmantle had always been a believer in the physical aspect of goosey. There were those who leaned towards the harvesting and capture of goosey through prayer and good deeds, but for Hellmantle that was mostly just words. For him the smell of rubber and gasoline, and the muster and qualia of riding a motorbike was the clear winner in the creation of goosey. This was one of the reasons why motorcyclists were a group unto themselves. And this was why when you encountered a motorcyclist, they tended to be like religious followers in the worship of the two-wheeled balance. There was something that was generated when one rode a motorcycle – a thrill or energy – that only those who rode on two wheels knew of. There was an elevating force that the rider experienced, and this elevating force manifest itself in the rider’s heart that existed long after the ride ends.

This inner goosey was real and it is the big known secret among all motorcycle riders.

But it is not just motorbikes that generate the goosey. It is horseback riding and the riding of ATVs, and skiing and go-karting that forges the same goosey. This act of dangerous play introduces the goosey into the inner household of the individual. These physical acts are how one feeds the goosey. And it is of crucial importance that one realizes that it is physical behaviour that spawns the magic of goosey into their heart. There are many activities that one can undertake to feed their goosey. Motorcycle clubs were formed as a manifestation of how important the goosey is to an individual. It’s rather simple yet for Hellmantle it is overlooked by outsiders or non-riders. Feeling goosey is the foundation and underpinning for all motorcycle riders. It is the great secret among all motorcyclists, just as it is the great secret of all those who climb mountains or sail around the world.

This action-generated goosey created by a dangerous activity yields a strong, potent drug Hellmantle calls goosey.

For the man from Aquitaine, this was his primary source of his goosey during his younger years. And even in his older years, Hellmantle often found himself garnering goosey from his past motorcycling memories and overseas exploits. These were moments of extreme accomplishment and joy that were only witnessed by himself and God. It was his secret chamber of recall that he could access to repopulate his heart with the wonderfulness of goosey.

For Hellmantle during his later years, after he had lost much of his once robust and boundless strength, he was able to access this physical goosey through hiking. It was a tamer goosey, perhaps void of danger, but still lush and rich with the beauty of nature. It was enough to kickstart and reignite his inner flame of goosey that would last late into the day, week, and month.

For many who had bravely gone out into the world, those memories of living life – of facing danger in the eye – were like a vault they could return to, to access memories to relight the inner flame. Only those who had never faced the myriad of dangers of life were unable to access this vault because it didn’t exist. Their vaults were full of tepid memories void of vigor and spice, oozing mediocrity and lost opportunities.

Accessing these coveted memories feeds the goosey, but for some, who perhaps had been unjust or lacked integrity, these memories could blight one’s inner goosey with bad memories that kills and maimed one’s goosey. Memories of one wronging another are anathema to what goosey stands for. Only the memories covered in the gold dust of human goodness fosters the inner glow all individuals desire.

An accomplished man who had done it right throughout their life, like Hellmantle had done it, was able to pull forth the magic of the goosey from these long dormant memories. These recollections were noble and therefore still had the spark that could ignite the goosey in the present day. But for those who had bad karma from doing wrong to others, they were at risk of losing there goosey in the present. Bad memories from a lack of integrity sucked away all their goodwill and happiness, like a leak in a damn. No matter what they did or how hard they tried, those who had wrong others in the past were destined to relive that pain forever. This is what philosophers and religious men had been screaming for millennia, but so many people discounted as the ravings of unbalanced men.

Well, it is their inevitable loss.

Only from bad behaviours can goosey not exist.

Motorcyclists ride well into their senior years. They love the act of riding and what it brings to their inner life. They know that herein lies the fountain of spiritual youth despite being weaker of limb and less robust in later life. They will ride until their last breath. It has always been thus. And it was thus for Hellmantle, who despite his weaker physical state, thrived on his motorcycle as an old man. He rode mile after mile on the fast roads of Canada rather than the dirt roads of Asia and South America.

Chapter Sixteen

Taming the Goosey

“Never let the future disturb you. You will meet it, if you have to, with the same weapons of reason which today arm you against the present.” – Marcus Aurelius

It is common for those who can call up the goosey and thrive on the goosey housed in their hearts that they can overcook their goosey in front of others. Some can become manic. Some can become spiritually arrogant. Some can be spiritually condescending – acting as if they are spiritually superior to others. And people can discern this behaviour rather easily. It is a type of arrogance and condescension that can rub people the wrong way. One must remain somewhat incognito in their employment and utility of goosey despite the urge to spread the joy.

Sometimes it is wise to have the quiet goosey.

The novice goosey user is prone to oversharing their goosey, and trying to muster others to adopt their level of goosey. This is most common with kids and young adults who are – at times – overwhelmed by the potency of goosey. They are still learning how to manage it. There are many examples of behaviours of individuals oversharing their goosey in somewhat embarrassing ways. Partying to excess is a very common behaviour that the young show on their way to mastering goosey. The art of goosey takes time. The skills of goosey management takes time. Some become masters of their goosey sooner than others.

But the arc of wisdom takes a lifetime.

When some learn how to conjure their goosey into their heart, they can be guilty of over-usage and overemployment of the goosey. Like the cocaine monkey triggering the lever to consume more and more cocaine in a never-ending stream, the new goosey user can overdo it. They can become carried away with the use of their goosey. They can overconsume their goosey so that the goosey loses its sheen and dulls in luster. This inevitably leads to goosey burn out and the subsequent lack of use of their goosey. This can lead to a life void of the vibrance and inner richness of having goosey present in one’s life.

Only by going through this phase of overuse can one learn the balance needed to maximize the goosey throughout life.

When one tames the goosey, one learns the different gears of goosey usage. There is a first gear of goosey, perhaps first thing in the morning as one sips their tea. Then there is the second gear of goosey, that happens when one is finishing their second cup of tea as they drive to work, and they hear the fine hum of their well-oiled engine. This can be a very pleasant stage of the day whereby the sun is rising in the east and the day promises to be a good one. Then upon landing at work, one can either switch off their goosey and focus on the tasks at hand, or one can shift upwards their inner goosey to a third gear that carries them through the day, and makes their work easier, especially when one can keep in mind the rewards that await them at the end of the day, at the end of the week, and even at the end of their career.

Then there are the post-work hours of the day, when one is exhausted and troubled by all the things that need to be done in the house and in the yard. But one has a choice to switch from a mindset of being troubled to that of free man, choosing to undertake activities to better themself and their life. This could be a fourth or fifth gear that could include a stint riding along one’s sit-down lawnmower, or biking to the local beach where you can take a swim. One could introduce a cold beer into the equation or something to that effect, taking into account that the hard work for the day has been accomplished. It is a time when one knows the remainder of the day is theirs to live the way they want. Once done with after-work activities, one enters into the final harvest time of the day with dinner and relaxation time. This would be when the top gear of inner goosey cooks in the tissue of the heart, filling one up with warmth and fuzziness that lasts far into the night.

Taming the goosey is the allocation of the goosey throughout the day and throughout the week. Good management is neither underusage nor over-usage. If one is feeling down, then one can do any number of things to reintroduce their goosey through many different actions. One of these actions can simply be to take a deep breath, relax the shoulders and have a cuppa tea. Another could be to go for a spin on their ATV or go for a hike to immediately bring the goosey back into existence. And if one is so disposed, one can go to church and pray. It all depends on the person.

It all depends on how one has chosen to manage the goosey.

Without good goosey management, goosey can become a harmful thing, for both the individual and for those around them. Mismanaged goosey can strike others as manic behaviour and therefore slightly unhinged or even bordering on crazy. The mastering and taming of goosey is more a quiet calmness and confidence that sees the individual carry themselves fully and strongly with an inner glint in the eye. The inner goosey is strong, like a force that others can sense but cannot see – a vibe that is both warming and inviting.

But taming the goosey is not easy. Many fail to master their goosey. Many fall short of their mastering of goosey through overuse or careless use. Wisdom and finesse are required for this end point in the mastering of the goosey. It is the sign of a true spirit and a wise man. To tame the goosey into a murmuring energy that underpins one’s daily life takes time. But once accomplished, it is the hallmark of a man who has achieved wisdom and now knows how to overcome the challenges one faces throughout life. In short, it is the sign of a master: one who has the perma-goosey.

Chapter Seventeen

Pinnacle Goosey

“Happiness is not wanting to change your present situation.” – Aristotle

There are certain times in a man’s life when all the things he struggles for and against, peel away and are overcome so that he is left with the raw fruits of his labours. Suddenly, right in front of him, is the distilled manifestation of what he has sought for his entire life. He has reached his goal. He has attained a state where he is both proud and chuffed at what he has accomplished. All the blood, sweat and tears he has endured is now in the past. These are events and challenges that have been overcome. And he is now looking at what he wants most: he has reached his dream. Battered and scarred, and perhaps a little weaker and more bruised than when he started, he nonetheless stands there in awe of what is before him. He has finally reached the long-desired finish line. He has finally made it.

This is the moment of pinnacle goosey.

Now what lies in front of him is new ground: an oasis where he has the time and the means to do whatever he wants. It is life now unfettered by the rigors of discipline and early mornings striving for the distant shining light on the horizon. Here he stands on the finish line looking in front of him at the empty fields. There is a feeling that overcomes this individual that can only be experienced by the man who has done the work and endured the pain required for such a long journey. It is an emotion filled with potent endorphins that are not falsely generated through chemical enhancement. It is a state of being where all the elements become one: a timeless moment where there is nothing to be said. Gravity ceases to have the same pull as a Monday morning. The sun is brighter than usual. And the lightness in the solar plexus is richer with life-giving electricity.

This is a state of being very few ever get to truly experience.

This fleeting moment of time in one’s history exists for just a short time, but when one knows that the hard work is over and the old aches will soon wane, a new future rises in the eastern sky. Revealed is a limitless horizon drenched in hope and promise for a richer life.

It is true that, in a way, every moment after the pinnacle goosey by definition is lesser than that pinnacle goosey moment, but somehow the memory of the pinnacle – the Peak of Goosey – can still reverberate throughout the rest of one’s life. That moment can be relived forever in small chunks of time, all dependent on the good management of goosey. Like a cow chewing its cud, one can reminisce with the pinnacle goosey so that they can forever feed off the never-waning glow of that special moment.

If one is inclined, they can engineer the rest of their life in the light of their experience with the pinnacle goosey so that everything they touch is done with magic dust swirling in their hearts. Often peoples moving forward with their new lives after the pinnacle choose altruistic lives to live. Gone is the drudgery of seeking their goal. Now before them is a time when they can coast on their goosey and give to others who are endeavouring on their own path towards their own pinnacle goosey. Helping others is now their main focus, and in doing so chime into a path that is besotted with the profound murmurings of positive energy.

And Hellmantle calls that the goosey.

But pinnacle goosey also comes with dangers. Gone are the rigors of a proven regime that gave structure and security to one’s life for countless years. Now, faced without a goal to strive for, one is at risk of aimlessness and hedonism, opening the door to overindulgence and wavering without purpose. But in a rational world, the rational man who strives for a goal and attains that goal, should have a plan of what to do after this point. If it is wealth and security one has striven for, then this been done for a purpose and not ‘just for the heck of it.’

In the post-pinnacle goosey world, it behooves the individual to harvest their goosey and give back and help others as they fight towards making the world a better place.

Spiritual philanthropy is perhaps the best term to use in this case.

But the pinnacle goosey is also a goal in-itself. It is a reward from God for all the hard work and overcoming to reach said goal. So very few men or women ever reach this point in life, but for those who do, they have the liberty to soak in the glory of self-esteem and pride; not an arrogant or condescending pride, but the pride experienced by those artists who have created a Mona Lisa, or a tradesman who has created a Rolex. The attainment of the goal produces this spiritual honey.

And it is imprinted there in the soul forever – perhaps even into the afterlife.

It must also be said that this pinnacle moment is the highest moment on one’s life, never to be reached again. Knowing this decreases the loss and pain of having this knowledge. And knowing that one can chew on this moment through self-reminiscing, is the bonus feature that keeps depression at bay. There will be a new void once the goal is reached but replacing it is this divine inner light that will forever flutter in the softest and warmest part of one’s person, forever.

So, it is not the material gain of the goal reached; it is the intangible and unmeasurable glory of the most potent energy available to man: the goosey. Reaching the pinnacle goosey is the true gift of being able to live a life bedded with the light of good and the comfort of self-esteem. It is the reward for the pursuit of eudaemonia and for bettering oneself and humankind. Inner riches. Forever. On tap.

Chapter Eighteen

Hellmantle’s Thoughts about Goosey

“To live happily is an inward power of the soul.” – Marcus Aurelius

For Hellmantle, the goosey had always been his co-pilot who accompanied him along the way during his adventures. He didn’t always need the goosey but it was damn fine when it was there murmuring in his hearth as he rode over the mountains in the Far East. When the goosey was present, his rides became a work of art, and he became part of the firmament whereby he joined the ranks of other world-class explorers who overcame obstacles on their way to glory. Usually, in Hellmantle’s experience, the further along in his adventure, the more magnified his goosey became. This, of course, is why he became a connoisseur of goosey.

And why he was able to write this handbook for others as a guide and toolbox for those who valued the goosey like he did.

Once nibbled by the goosey, the individual wants more. But the irony is that it is natural, innate and self-produced, and controlled by the individual. And best of all, it’s free.

And it’s good for you.

Some of Hellmantle’s ‘Greatest Hits’ include the time he rode his motorcycle along the northern branch of the Red River in Northern Vietnam. He was on his way back from finding the buried map at the old French colonial prison near the trenches and leftover machine guns of battle site in Dien Bien Phu. With the goosey welling up inside him on his way back to Hanoi, he cruised the French-built road that were a crescendo of civil engineering marvel. Another ‘Greatest Hit’ was without a doubt when he rode his motorcycle through the long tunnels in the Toroko Gorge valley that led to the Pacific Ocean on the east side of Taiwan. The goosey he experienced during this ride, that saw him nearly lose his life but also save a life (when he found an abandoned puppy and then balanced the puppy on his gas tank for the next 500 miles back to Taipei). His goosey reached new heights within his own pantheon of highs. And one moment that must be recorded as perhaps reaching close to the zenith of goosey was when he witnessed the moment the sun etched over the Himalayan Mountain that morning in Kashmir Valley in 2001 when he had horse backed across the foothills to find the long-lost monastery and the buried scroll of Thomas the disciple. For Hellmantle it was a sign from God.

He often still enjoyed the goosey from that moment during the sunrise.

These episodes in his unusual life served to enlighten him as to the power and potency of goosey, and how beneficial it was for him to endure, survive and thrive during his exploits. When he eventually returned home, he could not forget these moments of extreme glee, so he naturally endeavoured to explore what it was and how he could further harness the power of goosey.

This handbook is the product of his efforts.

These exploits mentioned, and numerous others perhaps too extreme and original to describe in this narrative, contributed to Hellmantle’s spiritual rebirth, which led to his mastering of the goosey. He had gone so very far off the radar of normalcy during his adventure years, and had pushed the envelope in terms of danger and unconventionality, so that when the dust had settled, he had evolved as a person. The goosey he had experienced had changed the way he saw the world. It changed his perception of what was possible in how one could live. He figured that if he could turn his attention to recovering the goosey from his trips, then he could carry his past with him as a badge of honour – a spiritual trophy as it were, that enhanced his daily living experience, and reminded him who he is from his past accomplishments.

Hellmantle soon could magnify the goosey. He could tweak his inner controls, recall a few choice memories at will, drink some orange pekoe tea and then feel he warmth of his goosey. And then like a cow, he could simply chew his goosey cud all day as he chose. This was his mastery of goosey. And then in the course of the day, if he chose to hop on his ATV and ride, then he could ride the wave of goosey to higher reaches of joy. Having the ATV and motorcycle and mountain bike handy were his tools for elevating his goosey when he wanted. These were necessities for him in his life.

But by then Hellmantle was on the back nine of goosey – long over 60 years’ old and looking at the years in front of him with an odd sense of sadness. For an individual who had asked so much from life and had indeed taken so much out of life, he guarded against this sadness by clutching to his goosey. He still loved life, and he still loved people in his life, and that fed his goosey too, but as he headed into the dwindling years in front of him, his ability to enjoy the goosey became more valuable to him. He often decided to get in tune with his goosey whenever he felt the sadness come. Like a favourite chair beside a woodstove, he took comfort in his goosey as much as he could. He seldom, if ever, felt depressed, but at times, with old injuries and ill health creeping in near the end of his life, he relied on his inner goosey to get through the tough days.

It is true that during his younger days he dipped his toe into the world of booze and drugs to enhance his goosey, like many of his friends did back in the old days. The chemical goosey was what inspired him to dream outside the box and ponder new vistas that he knew were possible. He came to know the intimate relationship between soma and goosey but was also very aware of the destructive ripple effect of the overuse of soma and its relatives. So, when he found the goosey there and thriving during his motorcycling exploits overseas, he knew there was a way of self-producing goosey au naturale. And this is what he did. This, he knew, was the future of goosey for him. The management of the rising goosey became his focus and nurturing it throughout the days and weeks and months was to harness the power of joy within, and to enrich his spiritual life.

He didn’t know until near the end of his life, but financial security does come eventually, and when it does come, there is an aspect of goosey that comes with it. All too common for people to wait until this financial security comes before they endeavour into mastering their goosey, but herein lies the folly. One can begin to master the goosey before financial security comes. Let this handbook declare this to be true! Start now! Its’ there waiting for you. Seize it!

Chapter Nineteen

Final Mullings about Goosey

“At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet.” – Plato

Here we find ourselves near the end of our insightful handbook about the magic of goosey, yet there are still a few more points to be made before we end this piece. False goosey: many find their goosey based on false premises. Chemical goosey gives rise to people who thirst for goosey through chemical means (drugs) but soon find they run dry. Their ability to find something in their lives to be goosey about evaporates. One must be working towards a goal and striving for the betterment of self and neighbour for there to be something in the pot to be goosey about. One cannot live only for goosey because it does not work. Goosey is a golden wingman who can scatter gold dust all over one’s inner self as they live their daily lives. It is not the be all, end all, and can never be such. It is a co-pilot who is there with you witnessing your moments of greatness with you – you and God and your goosey. That’s the trio. That’s the trinity.

As one gets older, there are many different things about goosey that arise, and one of these is: managing the lily pad of goosey. As one ages, like a lily pad on a pond, one soon becomes weaker through time. Henry David Thoreau pointed this out in Walden: just like lily pads on a pond, ‘show me one lily pad at the end of the summer without a hole or part of it missing.’ It’s the same with people. The biological system begins to fall apart. Holes show. We as lily pads soon resemble the lily pads on the pond. In this way perhaps the degree of goosey might wane, however, the relative frequency of goosey stays the same in the aging body. Herein lies the medicinal nutrition of goosey. Goosey keeps you healthy.

The mobility of goosey is truly universal. One can bring their goosey across international borders, to far-off lands, to the neighbour’s house, and take it to bed with them at night. It is a truly mobile phenomenon. The rise and fall of goosey is in the control of the individual. This has been the way it has been throughout the history of goosey. And this is the heritage of goosey. It is not constant. Like the tides, it ebbs and flows in a never-ending play without resolution. Even at the moment of death, goosey will be there holding your hand. Learn to befriend goosey. And love your goosey for what it brings to the table. If you lose your goosey then it behooves you to regain your goosey. It is imperative that one regains their goosey when they lose it because having the goosey near helps in recovery. It is the secret ingredient in healing.

Hardship and goosey are bedfellows: From hardship comes deeper goosey but it requires discipline and diligence to recover and regain the goosey after falling down in life. The deeper the hardship, the deeper the goosey. Keep your chin up and reap the rewards of past pains by mastering your goosey.

Nietzsche’s Eternal Recurrence: the philosopher believed that we all only get one life to live, and then when we die, we live our one life over and over again for eternity. There is an afterlife for Nietzsche, but it is the same life. So, it behooves all individuals to learn to master the goosey so that they can maximize their goosey throughout the tough times and great times in their one crack at life.

The Perma-Goosey: Reach the point where you can insist your goosey is omnipresent throughout the day and night. And with this perma-goosey one can feed off it, manage it in small bits and then also share their goosey with others to foster a better world.


“Remember that very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all in yourself, in your way of thinking.” – Marcus Aurelius

What does the future of goosey look like? One might say it looks complicated as governments increase their reach into the private lives of their citizens, but herein lies the greatest thing about goosey: the government cannot kill your goosey. It is yours. And it will always be yours. No one can tamper with your goosey. If you wrong another person, then it hampers your goosey because your self-worth has taken a hit. But if you are a good person and are good to others, nothing can stain the power of your inner goosey. The only kryptonite to one’s goosey is lack of integrity. That’s it. Nothing outside the heart of a good man can hinder or cripple one’s goosey.

So, the future of goosey looks good for good-hearted people. More and more will seek joy in their goosey, whether out walking in the country or riding along a dirt road or simply sitting in your house reminiscing about past exploits and planning new ones.

The new goosey: To remain vital in person and limb, one must always have goosey on the boil. Surround yourself with positive people and reduce stress by quitting a job where your boss only speaks in half truths and blames you for their shortcomings. Find your niche that gives rise to goosey. Your mental health depends on it. Eschew despair by embracing goosey. The new goosey is an epi-goosey whereby an individual clings to their goosey for strength in the face of half lies and misinformation. By holding dear to one’s first principles and by fighting against evil and falsities, one can create an epi-goosey that fuels their fire of rebellion against the army of ignorant sheep that oppress the thinking man at every corner in this modern world. These sheep in their numbers will seek to wreck your goosey, but a strong man will always know their goosey is safe, and will use their goosey to enhance sharpness, wit, and brain power in their fight against the masses who will nibble one’s testicles until there is nothing left.

So Hellmantle spake thus: Fight wisely my goosey friends. Be strong to protect the goosey from being damaged by the nibblers. Call out those who seek to hurt others’ goosey through cunning and guile. Those with guile are not friends of goosey. Their goosey does not exist. In its place is black gall, dark and evil and sinister and void of joy or brotherly love. No, the army of goosey will prevail over the bad men and women who have been led astray. Blame them not for they know not what they do. But you, my fellow goosey users, now know you have the torch and it is you who will manage the future as this world more and more descends into terror. You and your offspring will inherit the earth after the great fire in the sky has come and gone. You and your progeny will then rule the world in a new utopia where the goosey will be a universal right, protected under law and enshrined in every government docket. Take the insights of goosey with you as you go forth into the great void and survive the terrible storms that are upon us. Let your goosey make you brave. And kind.

Completed on this day October 22, 2023

Fletcher O’Keefe (based on Hellmantle’s notebooks)

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