The Hellmantle Testament


Roland Hellmantle has Asperger’s Syndrome but this doesn’t stop him from his pursuit of truth. For his entire life he has wondered whether the rumors of his family origins were true: were his family descendants of Jesus? Did Jesus survive the cross and spend the rest of his life with his brother Thomas in northern India? Was the disciple Thomas in fact the identical twin brother of Jesus? These questions made him restless for years until a chance encounter with this learnèd uncle brought him to a letter written by his grandfather, as he lay dying on the battlefield in Dien Bien Phu in Vietnam back in 1954. This letter leads Hellmantle to the mountains and far reaches on Luzon Island in the Philippines, which points him to northern Vietnam where he finds a map, which he needs to finally determine whether the rumors are true. There, in the dizzying heights of the Himalayan Mountains in Kashmir Valley with his trusted cousin D’Aqs, answers are finally revealed to this intrepid adventurer. This novella is a highly original tale of daring, guile and downright craziness. Hellmantle never once lets his handicap curtail his passion for truth.


Cousins D’Aqs Grosseteste and Roland Hellmantle haven’t seen each other since boarding school 30 years ago but when they meet at D’Aqs’ fathers’ place in Hong Kong, they both learn of a letter that changes their lives. For D’Aqs, his body ravaged from malaria from his time spent as a missionary in Burma, this encounter with his eccentric cousin is an opportunity to get his health back because he knows his cousins’ passion for motorcycles and truth with be a physical journey that is an once-in-a-lifetime chance for him to see the world through his cousin’s eyes. More than this though he is tasked to look out for Hellmantle because of his extremism. Hellmantle’s behaviour has no limits or boundaries due to his Asperger’s Syndrome. Their crusade to find the truth bring them to the Philippines, Vietnam and India where they can finally put to bed the persistent rumors of a history long-squashed by Rome and the Catholic Church.

241 pages (106920 words)

Author’s note: This work is the definitive Wordcarpenter novel and favourite of the author…

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