The Ripple Effect


A novella about a man who drives from Manitoulin Island on Lake Huron to the city of Toronto and the people he meets along the way point to a destiny and life impact he could never know he had had as he nears the end of his life. Profound in its meaning and special in its originality, this story takes place over one day yet what the man learns changes him and his view of his life, forever.


If you have ever wondered if your life mattered when facing your own death, then this short novella is an exploration of this question during the day in the life of a man driving from Manitoulin Island in the Great Lakes to the city of Toronto. During his trip he picks up many hitchhikers who – each in their own way – touch on aspects of their own lives that happen to have been caused by the man giving them a lift. But the thing is they don’t know that their lives have been affected by the man they are talking to. Technical and original in its writing, this story will remain with the reader long after they finish this very original story…

56 pages (26669 words)

Author’s note: A reflective and surprising story that takes place all within 24 hours…

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