The Motorcycle Inn


When city slicker Legge hears he has inherited a house on Manitoulin Island in the middle of the Great Lakes in Canada from his late uncle, he decides to bring his young son and live there for the summer, but he is unaware of his family’s history. He soon becomes familiar with his notorious whiskey-running grandfather through the myriad of characters he meets on the island and in doing so comes to learn about his family, his roots and about himself.


Living a normal and somewhat boring life as a programmer in the States, Legge’s life changes drastically when he inherits his old family estate in Canada. It makes him realize that his life as a programmer is a dead-end life that needs to change mostly for the sake of his young son, who is being suffocated by the city life and long hours working. When he arrives on the world’s largest freshwater island and sees the house he has been left, and when he sees the lifestyle of those who live full-time on the island, he decides to move there full time and turn his big farm house into a Bed and Breakfast for motorcyclists. He does this because he discovers his love for motorcycling after his uncle left him a 1979 RD400 two-stroke Yamaha – the most dangerous motorcycle ever made. He cannot ignore the thrill it gives him and in becoming a motorcyclist he meets some real island characters as well as discovered secrets of his family’s past…

167 pages (98648 words)

Author’s note: A funny yet substantial novel based on a unique array of characters living on an island…

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