The Leaky Hourglass


A ghost memoir written about a white-haired whistleblower from Australia currently incarcerated for treason. This fictional work is a psychological sketch based on the decisions made by one of the world’s foremost whistleblowers, exploring the question ‘what if?’ An exploration of the mind of the man who invented the online airtight ‘submission platform.’


This is a fictional character sketch of one of the world’s most notorious whistleblowers whose work traumatized the most powerful country in the world but who also fell under its yoke vis-à-vis being forced to seek refuge in an embassy in London for seven years. This piece explores what it must have been like for this internationally known whistleblower to endure these years of isolation and protection from the country his exposed. But it also a testament to someone who stuck with his principles and followed through on his goal of transparency…

42 pages (19390 words)

Author’s note: A ghost memoir of a whistleblower who changes the fate of the world but loses his own…

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