Louis Riel: How I Became an Outlaw


As a figure of controversy in Canadian history, Louis Riel is often portrayed as a troublemaker and rebel, having led the 1869 Red River Rebellion and then the Northwest Rebellion of 1885 on behalf of the Métis and French for provincial representation into the newly formed Dominion of Canada. However, little is known about his early years and what influenced him to become the most-wanted man in the country at the time. This first-person narrative aims to dispel rumours and hearsay by exploring his early years and his education in Montreal, as well as his father’s role in political leadership in the early years of what would become the province of Manitoba.


Most Canadians grow up knowing who Louis Riel is and how he led a Métis Rebellion against the staunch Orangemen settlers in the early years of the creation of the province of Manitoba, but many do not know the details of Louis Riel’s upbringing, his education in Montreal nor the events that led to fleeing Fort Garry and becoming an outlaw from the Canadian authorities. This fictional autobiography told in the first-person by Louis himself, brings the reader closer into his world of those half-breeds called Métis – the product of Frenchmen and ‘squaws’ – and how their culture were central to the eventual formation of the provinces of Manitoba and Saskatchewan. This piece reads fast and enthralls the reader into a lost world that one man fought for at the cost of his life…

115 pages (51596 words)

Author’s note: A fictional yet historical biography written as a first-person narrative…

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