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Section Thirteen 


In Summary


The Viking-Poet Handbook has connected the two poles of logic, and discovered that one of the biggies in Western philosophy Immanuel Kant had pinpointed that aspect within man that could apprehend the now that enabled us to make sense of sensations in time but had missed the importance of time in the Socratic project: the art of living. In this investigation it has been shown that the colours one could paint on his life canvas were left to him to find for himself out in the world, and that the size of ones canvas is equal to the amount of time one has to live, but that not all time is the same. Off-roading time for the Viking-Poet motorcyclist for example is different than the 21st-Century Man sitting on his couch watching the television. His divorce from healthy vibrant instinct and his toggle logic has negated his full participation in the empirical world and therefore he sits waiting, soft-bellied and bewildered by the Viking-Poet's zeal, yet cannot help respecting the man-of-action's power of self, centered and firm-footed born from his knowledge of the world and of his true and original character.

It is hoped that this small handbook will be the impetus the flimsy-legged man needs to go forth into the realm of the unknown fraught with danger, with vigor and grace, with his eye on the poetry previously hidden from view that is hidden in the fabric of each day, and with the knowledge that only from valuing the finite nature of time can he truly harness the gift of life he has been given by providence.

It could be deduced that the heavens of Valhalla were littered with uni-coloured and incomplete canvases with very few that contained any degree of art. Fewer still were fully painted and only a select few were hung at the pinnacle where all could appreciate the poetically executed exploits of those members of the exclusive Viking-Poet Club.

Long enough have you dream'd contemptible dreams,
Now I wash the gum from your eyes,
You must habit yourself to the dazzle of the light &
of every moment of your life.[1]
                                                - Walt Whitman

[1] Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass 

Table of Contents
1.     Wisdom
2.     A Viking-Poet Exploit
3.     The Viking-Poet Club
4.     Harnessing Ones Will
5.     Instinct
6.     The 21st-Century Man
7.     The Time Factor
8.     The Viking-Poet Philosopher
9.     The Art of Motorcycling
10.  Becoming a Zeitqualia Master
11.  Using Inflected Logic
12.  Bending Grammar
13.  In Summary

And to conclude,
from U2's Joshue Tree,
"I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" 


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