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Recent news from the publishing front is that the autobiography from Peter Higgins will be available for reading by the end of the year. Titled This Much is True, the biography covers 50 years of his life, reflecting on the key events during his upbringing, university life and then his life overseas that saw him motorcycle in some of the most extreme regions in Asia, including northern Vietnam, Luzon Island in the Philippines, Taiwan, northern Thailand and northern Burma.

Upon entering a period of sobriety, Higgins, who had long wanted to record the events in detail before the flush of memory is obscured by the mists of time, finally knew it was time to write it all down.

"I have new projects that are percolating," he said recently in a phone interview. "So I felt I needed to set the record straight and get it all off my chest before I could open up some new doors and move forward with new writing projects. I found the time was right. I think the reader will be able to tell from the natural flow of the narrative."

Higgins has been writing short stories over the last four years since returning from Ecuador, where he wrote No More Waiting to Die in a whirlwind year during 2012 in Quito.

"It's true I needed some time to recover after that year of chaos and intensity in Ecuador. Those were very fast days in the fastest lane in South American party life. I knew I was in the eye of the hurricane but felt in total control. And I found it strange to see my friends slowly fall by the wayside, one dying and then another. I didn't realize how close to death I was."

Despite exhaustion Higgins did keep writing when he returned to Manitoulin Island in Ontario, Canada. There were shorts stories like Tumbleweed and The Leaky Hourglass that readers enjoyed, but nothing substantial like previous publications. (Highest readership at is No More Waiting to Die, followed by The Motorcycle Inn and Visigoths in Tweed. But selections from Book Excerpts is the most popular with visitors). These stories widened the scope of Wordcarpenter but failed to fortify his strong publishing record over the last decade.

Avergaing a book a year over ten years, his autobiography This Much is True is his most substantial work since The Hellmantle Testament, published over five years ago. But more than that it is an easy-to-read biography that tells the true story of each of the many unusual adventures he experienced in Asia and South America that Wordcarpenter readers can compare to the fictionalize events found throughout his adventure novels like Prophecy Seekers, The Hellmantle Testament, Zeitqualia and No More Waiting to Die. What the reader is left with is incredible insight into in fact how non-fiction these exploits were and just how much danger he exposed himself to during his decade overseas. His acknowledged recklessness gave rise to great moments recorded for readers engineered to inspire them but in reality the carelessness and utter regard for the realities of expat dangers lends the biography a unique place among biographies of writers. So many writers write of adventures but so few actually do the adventure and then write. Here Higgins is unsurpassed in modern niche literature.

Wordcarpenter will be publishing This Much is True in the coming weeks here at your favorite reader hangout. 




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May 11, 2012
New Book CATHEDRAL OF TRUTH is now online!

New book by The McFlynn Twins is now available

High adventure and past history come alive when the twins follow clues that take them motorcycling in the Philippines and northern Vietnam, and then to the Himalayas in Kashmir Valley to find answers to such questions as: Was Doubting Thomas the identical twin of Jesus? Who were the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel and where are they today? And did Jesus survive the crucifixion? 

Vast in scope and daring, this original story takes the reader far away from conventional norms into a world of motorcycle adventure, Asperger's Syndrome, and the murky waters of secret societies dedicated to keeping the real message of Jesus alive. On the shoulders of such works as Holy Blood, Holy Grail and The Da Vinci Code, and using the recently discovered Gospel of Thomas, Cathedral of Truth goes deeper into other aspects of the real history of Jesus. Check it out here.

For the reader the experience of the Cathedral of Truth is a similar journey, one of doubt and disbelief at first, then to consideration and contemplation, and finally to a different way of seeing the events in the New Testament.

Loaded with factual data weaned from countless history books, the Book of Jeremiah and the Book of Genesis will take on a new meaning. This novel is for the open-minded.

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May 7, 2012
Prophecy Seekers Online!

The new book PROPHECY SEEKERS by Trapp McFlynn is now online 

Wordcarpenter eBooks publishes new book PROPHECY SEEKERS by Trapp McFlynn. Identical twin brothers Thomas and Joshua Robertson are hell-bent to determine whether a Hopi prophecy about the four sacred stones or man is true or not. It takes the brothers to the far north of Burma after they find Louis Riel's lost journals. To read more go to

Webmaster of the Wordcarpenter website Pete Higgins is happy to have the first of ten books make it online.

"Since getting the website online this month, we've been trying our best to have at least one book available for visitors," said Mr. Higgins. "But now that we have one online, the others should be easier."

Since the recent death of Trapp McFlynn, Mr. Higgins has undertaken to construct a "bridge" to the reading public. The website is that bridge.

"Before Trapp passed away he made me promise I would build a website so people could read his books. That is why the books on the website are free," said Mr Higgins. "He just wanted them to be read because he believed they would inspire people."

In May readers should expect more books to become available.    

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