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Prophecy Seekers

Chapter One

The Twin From the East Returns

June 1999 Canada


When you're young, you'll do anything to discover truth. Reckless, driven, you wonder whether it was all destined to occur of if it was something inside of you that had to get out, find what needed to be found, as if the entire affair had been prewritten, predestined, or even preordained. But for identical twins it's always a little more difficult to see if it was entirly you or your brother or both working in concert with some cosmic umbilical cord still attached pulling strings. Perhaps its importance reveals the answer? And if it is fulfilling a prophecy then most likely these things are out of your control. History will decide this one though because of what has happened.

What made Thomas think it might have all been a fluke was that he had absolutely no inclination of what was to befall him when he met his twin Joshua at the airport in Winnipeg. He didn't really know what was going on with Josh other than he was busy at odd jobs and writing a book about something to do with Indians. His job in Hong Kong was taking so much of his time that he barely knew what was happening with any of his family. He knew his brother could take of himself so as long as he said he was all right he didn't worry about him. It was also, in their unspoken twin language, a sign of respect not to pry or worry. To show concern or worry was bad form. It was just their way. They had always done their own thing, never not doing what they wanted for the sake of the other, maybe because it was less crowded that way. Even telephone calls were rare, usually occurring when one of them had a dream. Recently Josh had called him in Tokyo during a business trip and the first thing he said was ‘What happened last night?' And it had been a bad evening.

Tokyo was crowded and on the weekends it was if everyone tried their hardest to pack as much living as they could in two days. Sprint drinking and Kareoke left what expatriates called platform pizzas wherever there was space at Shinjuku train station, some men passed out as if on a crucifix, arms outstretched yet completely untouched despite being the busiest train station in the world. That night Thomas had gone out with some of his Japanese friends from work for a birthday party and heated sake had been consumed with round after round of beer with sushi and noodles and lobster. He didn't miss his train but he had fallen asleep and ended up at the end of the line. Harrassed and dead tired and with no money he had been forced to sleep on the street near the statio until the train started, maybe more humiliating than painful. Premonitions and dreams were a type of gateway to see each other, like a theater in the mind activated at night. Josh was particularly responsive to these kind of dreams though Thomas had had his share of hard times after five years in Asia.

He flew out of Hong Kong the day after a birthday party for a Scottish friend, staying up all night at his regular Irish bar dressed in his kilt, and hadn't left enough time to change so he crossed the Pacific Ocean with air-conditioning blasting his bare legs and headbobbing from a nasty hangover, the happy reek of Scotch everyone around him. Didn't matter, he needed a break. Anything to get out of the claustrophobia of Hong Kong.

Since he had left Canada five years ago, Josh had become interested in Native American culture. He never asked for much so when he had asked Thomas to come to his final Sundance, he couldn't say no. Manitoba countryside in late June was just the balm he needed to get Asia out of his head.

It was a few months before George W Bush finished his second term in office when he arrived in Winnipeg. While he waited for his baggage, a tall Indian with braided hair and moccassins approached him, looking as if he knew Thomas from somewhere.

"Can I help you with something?" The Indian bowed his head and then spoke softly. He could probably smell the booze. 

"I believe it is you who can help me," said the stranger. Respectful. Stopped his crankiness in its tracks, disarming.

"How so?"

"What are you doing in Manitoba?" Voice smoky.

"My brother lives here." He took off his sunglasses and squinted at him against the sun glaring through the windows. "Actually he studies with an Indian Elder." Taking a step back, he bowed his head low and put his hands together as if in prayer.

"Is it Grandfather Cardinal he apprentices with?"

"Yes, that's his name. You know of him?"

"He's my father." The Indian shook his hand and smiled. "So it is true. Rainbow Thunderbird does have a twin brother. You are his twin yes?" Thomas nodded when he heard his brother's Indian spirit name. Mr. Cardinal's son took out a tobacco pouch, held a pinch of tobacco in front of him, uttered some words that could be Cree as a prayer, and then handed Thomas the tobacco.

"Maybe the Hopi prophecies are being fulfilled," he said, looking into his eyes as if searching for a glimpse of something. "Where have you come from?"

"I just flew in from Hong Kong."

"The East," he said. "And you're wearing a red kilt."

"Family tartan."

"You going to the Sundance in Selkirk?"

"I am, you?"

"Not this year. It's tough to do you know. Took me six years to graduate." He put both his hands on his chest. "It is an honor to meet you." He gave Thomas a small bow and walked away with an unhurried swagger.  



Table of Contents
Part One - Canada
1.      The Twin From the East Returns 
2.      The Sundancer  
3.      Waxing Gibbous 
4.      The Second Coming of the Messiah 
5.      The Sacred Twin Story 
6.      The Sign of the Pahana 
7.      Palongawhoya and Poqanghoya 
8.      Rainbow Thunderbird and Red Phoenix 
9.      The True White Brother 
10.    The Lost Louis Riel Notebooks 
Part Two - Hong Kong
11.    A Mixture of Revulsion and Pity 
12.    A Classroom of Scallywags 
13.    Illegitimati non Carborundum 
14.    The Distant Fire of Empyrean
Part Three - Burma
15.    The Monastery of Sacred Tablets 
16.    The Outpost of Tyranny 
17.    When the 12th Moon Comes 
18.    The Pigeon Left & the Crow Took His Place 
19.    Go North and Find Your People 
20.    Finding Orwell 
21.    Though the Monkey is in a Hurry, the Tree Branch is Not 
22.    The Castle at God's Toes 
23.    The General and Sergeant Betel Nut 
24.    The Tattooed Station Master 
25.    Reverend Crow's Life's Work 
26.    Yield Not to Adversity, But Press on More Bravely 
27.    A Bitter Cuppa Tea 
28.    The Thirteenth Tribe 
29.    When a Lamp is Lit You Must Expect Insects 
30.    John the Christian 
31.    A Guardian Angel Named Hanna 
32.    The Bar Car & Betel Nut 
33.    The Son of Light 
34.    Slipping the Karmic Knot
Part Four - Hong Kong
35.    The Tonsure Warning 
36.    The Phoenix Reborn 
37.    Touching the Empyrean 
38.    Joshua the Gatekeeper 
Part Five - Canada
39.    Lapsit Exillis 
40.    Thunderstones 
41.    The Time of Great Purification  

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