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A Call to Action

By Leslie Sawyer

In a world where the common belief is that of mass conformity, humankind is driven by an enterprise not supporting human enlightenment on a level where all are considered not equal in the eyes of men. Does this sound familiar?

In my experiences it's been that of confusion, chaos and misconceptions.

The massive onslaught of our societal generated views and opinions are so deeply ingrained that we are not open to matters of self-enlightenment, personal evolution and human betterment.

The purpose of this proclamation is to conflict, contradict and prove useful in your search for enlightenment and self-evolution. Why? Because I ask you: do we really live our own life? Or do we live a life that has been generated by a small group of people that has been devised as the perfect deception. Ever heard of the power of suggestion? Do you know why they say you only use 10% of your brain? To make you believe that the other 90% is out of reach, but really this is not the case. Only through the power of suggestion the people who want to manipulate your lifestyle have employed higher understanding of human consciousness to hide the biggest secret known to humankind. That is the art of self-preservation for reasons not of your own.

The reason this proclamation is being written is that there are too many people hurting this world that do not have the skills necessary to create their own beliefs because they accept other people's ideologies and why they think we are here on earth. And that isn't even the biggest question - the biggest question being: if we're here now how do we get to where we want in the easiest possible manner? And I tell you my brothers and sisters it's on the tip of my tongue and on the tips of your fingers. An art form known as selflessness is unpracticed by many of today's high-ranking officials concerned only with numbers and stuff that is tangible. I tell you the key to understanding all is practising extreme random acts of kindness. And treating the act of selflessness as an art form - something that needs honing and shaping.

Like all serious art forms, the self-help books of today promote techniques and methods to ensure you don't relapse, but I assure that if you do one step you prevent all unfortunate circumstances in the future. Everything starts with a seed. As small as a seed is, it will grow into something beautiful in the future.

The act of selflessness starts by appreciating our ancestral background and our present and future decisions as to whether we take action when a person is in need. The universal language of this world is kindness. And it doesn't matter who you are or where you come from, if you show kindness you will recognize it. And if you give kindness to even the most undesirable people that live in this world your efforts are never in vain because in simplicity the act of selflessness has no moral boundaries. There's only one level of selflessness and that is on an extreme level because who are we as a species of highly intelligent individuals if we cannot even feed the starving people around the world?

Clearly there's a barrier between treating selflessness as a temporary answer to a long-term issue rather than a tool to develop your own development. Just think if everyone practiced selflessness? Not one person would be alone without food with support of every kind. You think this is far away because we're so far from the world being a beautiful place, but my brothers and sisters it all begins with you! One man can motivate the masses to go to war for reasons that are not their own, so then a large group of caring individuals should without question be able to motivate the masses to engage in acts of kindness rather than being worried about their own future and fears. For example, if one man cared for two men and that man eventually needed help, he has not only one but two people to help him. It's simple in its simplicity and logic yet profoundly meaningful to humankind.

The act of selflessness preserve our families and will secure the future of a new selfless civilization with the utmost respect for the environment and for the people who live in it. If we continue to live the way we are, to what end does this corruption and negligence end? If only we started teaching our children when they are young, this world would be a lot more involved with cultural differences without judgment, realizing that all moral aspects are shared on one level or another and that what we believe in is that we in ourselves are imperfect. And that is our reasoning for not bettering ourselves: because we rationalize our actions and say in quotes "I'm not perfect." When really we should attain perfection by attempting to preserve the human race in a way that does not cause further misfortune for all around us.

The best thing to do at this very moment is to find the smallest thing that you dislike about yourself and think about ways in which you can improve that smallest imperfection, so when the foundation for a caring perception is founded your eyes you will begin to see the horrible things the masses are allowing these few people in power to incorporate these crimes against humanity. If for one moment you think you are just in the ways you have been raised, you are misguided, convoluted and incapable of feeling anything other than selfishness and wanting nothing more than your own destruction. This is simply because this corruption has been promoted by next to every home on the face of the earth. This cause is not our own; this cause promotes the longevity of the upper-class citizenry who wish to keep the simple man and woman at bay both in the physical realm and in the mental realm.

Only through the act of opening our eyes and believing with our heart and soul that our life is not worth more than that of another person so we are able to completely devote our lives to something as pure as selflessness, only then will we see the true nature of man. And that is of kindness because in the deepest pits of our heart and soul there lies a mutual feeling and that is of kindness and caring and compassion. And the more we continue to ignore these feelings, the further they get pushed away from our future generations until we get to the point where we are a world of sociopathic unenlightened morons whose only care in this world is to seek their own material gain.

The acts of those in power throughout history have compelled, changed opinions, destroyed beliefs and created rampant doubt of self-worth. We must aim to ensure the survival of our future generations solidified with love and kindness rather than through war and manipulation because the deception only lies within our hearts. Are we not mindful of the things we say and the things we do? Should we not be mindful of what is to come for our children in the future? First and foremost the next generation is more important than the previous generation. As we evolve into a state of understanding and compassion, we unlock the genes naturally given to us that have been suppressed for so long, and if not used carefully will conflict into an emotional pitfall where the only solution is to be devoted to this world with a selfless and idealistic attitude yet not judge our peers for their misbeliefs and shortcomings. For one single man can inspire a revolution of enormous proportions, yet we are so stricken in our ways that we think it will be easier just to stand idly by and hope that the person to the left or the right will be the man to stand up rather than yourself. I say enough!

When you get to the point before rock bottom you know it's a place in our hearts where our questions stand idly by unanswered for generations. You see our skills of the spiritual aspect of our lives go without shaping until the point where we refuse to see logic in the way it was meant to be seen. You begin to realize with every possible sense in your capabilities to read, understand and decipher that you can calculate every possible scenario in which you can come out of this devastation. It is only up to you to change because this world does not promote the act of selflessness because it has no monetary gain and therefore are superiors will never let us truly indulge in selflessness without our lifestyles being greatly taken off course.

Do not try and predict your friend's reactions. Rather embrace all the possible by influencing all the good that is visible and underlying because only when we are able to respect people for their views and opinions are we able to form an opinion on whether or not they need help in certain areas. The destroyer of possibilities is judgment. When you judge something from the black tar on the road to the white clouds in the sky, you are unknowingly telling your mind that you completely understand the basis behind the key elements that separate the natural and the supernatural. So next time you see a person walking into the liquor store to buy a bottle, do not think that he's an alcoholic. Think of him as possibly misguided in previous years. For only when we are able to care about the simplest of preachers, such as animals and plants, are we able to form the basis to care about ourselves. Only then can we care for others. For there is a lot of caring in the world and most of which this caring goes unnoticed for the reason people focus on negativity. So then rather than looking at the bad in your life and having confused feelings on what you should do, look and resonate on the positive notes no matter how small they may be. They are the fundamental beginning to a life that does not involve pain and suffering, that does not antagonize the lesser, and does not boast of higher achievement. For we were all designed to fulfill one cause, and this cause is acts of kindness to our fellow man.

So tread lightly in your mind for it is a universal tool that is usable on a level in which you can manifest your dreams and hopes for the future or you can use your mind to unknowingly destroy any chance you will ever have of transferring the art of selflessness to your peers through your own actions, as well as the simple perception of how alike we all are. For when items so close in nature are allowed to have their own opinions, one entity will normally feel a kindred spirit in the other. So embrace a new perspective on your life as well as the lives of people around you. And if you are having feelings of hatred, resentment or anger you are on the path to rapid self-destruction. Follow the good instincts in your heart. Unite as one world body united by our Internet connection!





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