The Week Internet Freedom Died 

The story follows players involved in a conspiracy to silence and extract a world-reknown whistleblower who has been under house arrest at the Ecuadorean embassy in London for five years. Publishing classified information via his website PortalLeaks, Paddy Leith has been playing a dangerous game for nearly a decade, flaunting his secure ‘submission platform' to those brave enough to submit sensitive documents of wrongdoing and crimes in an effort to achieve transparency. This however, has come at a cost. And now the powerful governments negatively affected by his whistleblowing activities want him silenced. PortalLeaks follows the real-life events that unfolded during the week of October 15th to 22nd, 2016. Written as a work of fiction, the reader will be amazed at the unveiling of facts that has led to an end of an era of Internet freedom.

  A book by Owen Watkins


"A Vonnegut / Brautigan / Heller / H273 version of 'Trout Phishing in Ecuador'... An engaging and funny novel with a good story and nice flow." 

- review by Professor Geoff 'Smithers Jefferson' Smith  


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