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Adventure, Motorcycle Fiction, Historical

  The Hellmantle Testament

 Motorcycle Adventure, Religious History, Psychological Drama - 2011

  • Motorcycling off-road through the Sierra Madre Mountains in the Philippines, the eccentric Roland Hellmantle and his cousin pursue a map that if found might lead to an upheaval in the way we look at the story of Jesus. Overcoming obstacles that would have long deterred other men, Hellmantle attacks his fate with zeal and searches northern Vietnam and as far as India. But there were those who were determined never let this truth to emerge... Begin the extraordinary adventure here 

Prophecy Seekers

Adventure, Historical, Hopi Prophecies, Travel - 2006

  • Climbing the Himalayan foothills in a train in Burma, Thomas Robertson stumbles on a clue that leads him into a quest to find a hidden stone said to be part of the Hopi Prophecies to reunite the sacred stone of the Far East with the sacred stone in North America. If this happens it will mark the arrival of the Second Messiah. Once in Burma Thomas discovers clues about the stone left behind by an early Protestant missionary, bu he doesn't know there are some in Burma who protect the secret... Immerse yourself in Burma 


Motorcycle Adventure, Travel, Philosophy, Twin Fiction - 2007

  • Riding motorcycles during the aftershocks of the 9/21 earthquake in Taiwan, the twins Stuffle and Doppel come together to help the international rescue effort and come to exchange their life lessons after many years apart. Putting their lives at risk for the sake of proving their life philosophy, they push each other to extremes during their search for truth that leads them to the shores of the St. Lawrence River. Neither of them chose to be aware that time had passed and... Motorcycle with the twins here or Read Zeitqualia in Spanish 

No More Waiting to Die

Travel Adventure, Psychological drama, South American Fiction - 2015

  • The story follows Aaron Noble's move to the Andean city of Quito in Ecuador after he learns he will be dead from an illness within two years. Focused on becoming who he truly is before he dies, Noble seizes the time he has left and explores the inner culture of misfits and nomads who make Quito their home, and on the way exposes himself to dangers never predicted... Read this tale of desperation here 

Road Sailors

Travel Adventure, Twin Fiction, Road Trip - 2009

  • Road-tripping in the mountains in British Columbia, the McFlynn Twins embark on a cross-country search for a homestead only to find their journey has just begun. Never letting mischief get in the way of their work, the brothers waste no time taking advantage of their changing geography. But the good times last only so long until... Dare to engage in mischief with the twins here 

The Motorcycle Inn

Motorcycle Fiction, Romantic, Travel Adventure - 2014

  • The most romantic of Mr. Higgins' works, The Motorcycle Inn is a masterpiece of tight storylines and unforgettable characters. Young Harry Legge and his son leave Chicago for the largest freshwater island in the world in the Great Lakes where he inherited a large country home and a motorcycle from his late uncle. Harry starts a bed & breakfast from his home and calls it The Motorcycle Inn, eventually finding his niche riding the endless roads on an island with no stop lights, and from finding love... Transport yourself into the middle of the Great Lakes

Biography, Ghost Memoir, Biographical Novel

The Life of Pierre Radisson

Biographical Novel, Non-Fiction Adventure, History of the New World - 2012

  • Pierre Radisson survived torture by the Mohawks and starvation and frosbite and war to travel farther west than any other European explorer during the 1650s and founded the Hudson Bay Company in 1670 yet Radisson was forgotten by historians and lost his rightful stature as a significant player in the creation of the early colonies... This unbelievable life story beings here 

The Leaking Hourglass

Ghost Memoir, Biographical, Social Issues, Current Events - 2015

  • A ghost memoir of a fictional whistleblower who lives in the Ecuadorian embassy. Frustrated with his stalemate, the whistleblower confesses his mistakes yet clings to his principles as he argues and analyzes his current situation. This short piece is a fascinating glimpse into the mind of... Delve into the mind of today's whistleblower 

I Am Nietzsche - The Life Story of Friedrich Nietzsche

Biographical Novel, Philosophy, Biography, Non-Fiction - 2013

  • The life story one of the greatest philosophers of the 19th century (written in first-person narration) from his strict upbringing at boarding school to his university years and his ten years as a professor in Basel Switzerland, to his ten years of wanderings in Switzerland and Italy. To know the man is to understand his ideas... Get to know a man who philosophized with a hammer

Juvenile Fiction, Coming-to-Age Novels, Philosophy

Visigoths in Tweed

Juvenile Fiction, Coming-to-Age Novel, Philosophy- 2001

  • During the tumultuous first year of university, Reid is unsettled with his life and the direction he is heading with his studies until his best friend suffers a heart attack. Reid begins to rebel in the fervor of the 80s. With his mischievous roommate leading him astray, Reid rebels. But where will his rebellion lead him... Return to university-in-the-fast-lane here 

The Viking-Poet Handbook

Philosophy, Juvenile Non-Fiction Coming-of-Age Moral Philosophy- 2007

  • A concise handbook of Viking-Poet morality, this pamphlet of Zarathustrian first principles describe a moral philosophy that leads to danger, evolution and to the lightness of play. Recorded by one of the twins on the journey, it outlines the twin's life philosophy as discussed in the twin's motorcycling journey to the epicentre of the 9/21 earthquake in Central Taiwan. Stuffle von Schongait followed his brother's request to write down an account of their ideas... Dive into the world of Viking-Poet Philosophy here 

Short Fiction, Travel Adventure, Psychological


Short Fiction, Travel Adventure, Psychological - 2016

  • A short story from new author Steven Carmel, Tumbleweed uses intricate narrative style to achieve new heights in storytelling technique. Please try this very readable short story and experience effortless reading... Tumbleweed's adventure in the snow begins here 

Juvenile Short Fiction, Sports, Twins, Adventure

The Mantle Pat

Sports, Juvenile Fiction, Novella - 2004

  • Co-written by two tennis enthusiasts, a fictional French Open final comes alive as two players battle it out in the fifth set at Roland Garros in Paris. Tricks, drugs and a bomb threat are some of the endless twists in this short piece. A good read for some funny scenes. A must for any tennis fan... Start laughing at the comedy here 


Juvenile Fiction, Short Story - 2013

  • Corbière's older brother lived the Mohawk ways of their forefathers, and eschewed modern life of technology and the rifle. When the old man left for the last day of deer hunting season with his crossbow something in Corbière told him his brother would not return without his venison for the winter months, so he tracked him days from civilization in the middle of the Great Lakes. Immersed in Nature the old Mohawk fights against bears and death to complete the kill... Go into the forest here 

Red Mantle

Juvenile Fiction, Short Story, Twins, Adventure - 2011

  • Restless and stirred by legend, twelve-year old twin brothers skip their chores to try to find a rumored valley in the virgin forest that bordered their property. The brothers discover the valley and that myth sometimes is a mirror for historical truth... Hang out with the twins here



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