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A leading e-publishing cybercafe offering free novels of adventure and biographies of adventurers free of cost, for adventurous readers who like motorcycle trips in far-off lands, history and philosophy, who are looking for an evolution in the art of storytelling by this generation's best writers.  

Visit wordcarpenter.com to go deeper into an aggregate world of road trips and motorcycle adventures to corners of the world previously untrammelled where knowledge found had been forgotten and outside the touch of the modern hand.

Each story explores a branch to earn empirical data and yield insights backed by testing, verification and explication. It is a Book of Ten Stories, each connected by a thread joined by an adherence to the First Principles of life philosophies, and to the fidelity to authentic art of exploration to find and prove.

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To show the inflected logic employed while on two wheels was to yield the Inflected Matrix:     


To show the whereabouts of the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel was to yield the Abramic Line:     

To explore China was to yield a Letter From China   

To live like you were going to die was to yield the Addict's Ladder    


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