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Wordcarpenter is a non-profit book center where you can read books at your leisure for free. Our goal is to inspire a new generation of global readers by providing inspiring fiction and adventure novels with a philosophical underpinning. The response to Wordcarpenter has been immense. We now publish short stories and environmental media to create an atmosphere of informed and relevant discussion. Progressive solutions to humanity's collective ills is our focus. Readers can also purchase all the books here at Smashwords in any format.

Relax, explore and ponder the opportunities within these online pages. Let your guard down and prepare to be inspired from this unique collection of fiction and biographical novels. The Wordcarpenter canon will continue to grow so check back as we continue to upload new matierial and improve our interface. The biography of author Peter Higgins will be published here in December, 2016. This work, titled This Much is True, is an excellent true account of the events covered in his seven novels published by the Wordcarpenter Publishing Group. Donations welcome at the GoFundMe link at the bottom of this page. 


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Pierre-Esprit_Radisson02 s.jpg  

The Life of Radisson

Pierre Radisson survived torture by the Mohawks as well as starvation, frostbite and war to travel farther west in the New World than any other European explorer during the 1650s. Radisson founded the Hudson's Bay Company in 1670 yet was forgotten by historians and lost his rightful place in history. Written as a biographical novel, this life story has the power the transport the reader into the harsh realities of an explorer in the New World. Read this book or More about The Life of Radisson or See excerptsBrebeuf Torture  Kidnapped by Mohawks



The Motorcycle Inn   treble_clef_w_b_04_ss.JPG

Kurt Legge, shy, withdrawn and numbed by life, lives with his ten-year old son in middle-class confinement, but after his wife leaves him he inherits a property on Manitoulin Island. Moving to the island he quickly becomes a keen motorcyclist and turns his country home into an inn, but he doesn't count on the power of love that theatens to shatter his fragile life... Buy this book or Read this book or More about The Motorcycle Inn or See excerpt: Morrel's Wipeout



Prophecy Seekers   treble_clef_w_b_04_ss.JPG

When twin brothers Joshua and Thomas Robertson find the lost journals of Louis Riel after meeting Riel's great grandson at a bar in Winnipeg, they stumble on a clue that leads them on a quest to Burma to find the sacred stone hidden in Asia. As recorded in the Hopi Prophecies, the twins travel to Mandalay where Thomas finds a path of riddles left behind by an early Protestant missionary who knew of the prophecy. Following the trail in northern Burma Joshua finds a church that houses an answer to a mystery long prophesied in history that will usher in a new age. Buy this book or Read this book or More about Prophecy Seekers or See excerpts:  Colonel Betel Nut   Bar Car in Burma



The Mantle Pat

Co-written by two tennis fans, a fictional French Open final comes alive as Ketchum and Hellmantle battle it out in the fifth set at Roland Garros in Paris. With each author writing every second chapter, the narrative's comedic impartiality is full of on-court tricks, drug abuse and head games that spurs on the memorable characters in the stands and makes for some very funny scenes. Buy this book or Read this unusual work 




Corbière's older brother eschewed modern technology and chose to live the way of his Mohawk forefathers, so when he left with his crossbow into the wilderness during deer hunting season, something in Corbière told him his twin brother would not return with venison. After having a chilling dream, Corbière tracks down his brother only to find that his twin instinct was right... Read this story



Red Mantle

Restless and stirred by local legends, Harry and his twelve-year old twin skip their chores to explore the forest that bordered their property in the country. Legend had it the forest has a hidden valley with a buried sacred relic that proves the myth, so the brothers go look for it but soon discover that the forest contains more than the legend. Read this story

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         Road Sailors   treble_clef_w_b_04_ss.JPG

Meeting in the Rocky Mountains in British Columbia after not seeing each other for seven years, identical twins Remy and Trapp McFlynn drive their campers across Canada looking for a writer's cabin. Never letting mischief get in their way, the brothers waste no time taking advantage of their changing geography but the good times only last so long until unforeseen developments threaten to derail their road trip. Buy this book or Read this book or More about Road Sailors or See excerpts: Mirror TwinsTwinspeak Glossary





Riding motorcycles during the hundred of aftershocks of September 21, 1999 earthquake in Taiwan, identical twins Stüffle and Doppel von Schöngait go to help the international rescue effort in Central Taiwan by riding motorcycles through the country's Central Mountain Range. Despite the highway being closed, the twins put their lives at risk for the sake of proving their life philosophy, pushing each other to extremes during their search for truth. However neither of them could know their lives were about to be changed forever. Buy this book or Read this book or More about Zeitqualia or See excerpt: Inflected Matrix



The Hellmantle Testament

Roland Hellmantle has Asperger's Syndrome. Brilliant and extreme in action, Hellmantle is living the expat life in Hong Kong when he comes across a letter he inherits from his grandfather telling him that there is a map hidden with a priest in the Philippines. Hellmantle and his cousin journey to the Philippines to find a map, which takes them to northern Vietnam and finally Kashmir Valley where there are some who want to keep secret the true story of Jesus... Buy this book or Read this book or More about The Hellmantle Testament or See excerpts: Jesus' Tomb  The Abramic Line



Visigoths in Tweed   treble_clef_w_b_04_ss.JPG


Struggling to find his way during his first year at university, Reid McFetridge struggles to find his flow. When his best friend suffers a heart attack, Reid rebels against his own narrow worldview and throws himself into his university life, so in the fervor of the eighties and with his mischievous roommate leading him astray, Reid pushes his rebellion beyond his limit to dangerous extremes. Like Catcher in the Rye, this coming-of-age novel strikes a timeless chord. Buy this book or Read this book or More about Visigoths in Tweed or See excerpt: A Letter From China  



The Viking-Poet Handbook

The Viking-Poet Handbook is a pamphlet of first principles that describe a moral philosophy that leads to danger, creativity and evolution. Recorded by Stüffle von Schöngait and his identical twin brother Doppel during a motorcycle journey after the 9/21 earthquake in Taiwan in 1999, this philosophical work is not for the faint of heart. And it might change the way you see the world. Buy this book or Read this book or More about The Viking-Poet Handbook


This fictional ghost memoir is a confession from the desk of a man who unleashed torrents of information across the globe with a few strokes of a keyboard. The memoir covers his rise and fall in the world spotlight, his the triumphs and mistakes, and ultimately concludes with an urgent appeal to the international judicial bodies to find a swift resolution to his situation. A fascinating glimpse into the mind of a visionary who grew up with the Commodore 64 and programming in Waterloo BASIC. Read this memoir or More about The Leaking Hourglass
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